Votes could make McMillan ‘favorite chef’

Published 6:05 pm Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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At a time when non-profit organizations have had trouble making ends meet to continue their mission, one local leader is working to help her non-profit group and give a little love to others in the community.

An on-going event is being conducted on-line by Favorite Chef that will award a lucky chef with $50,000.

On the list for voting is Lisa McMillan, owner and operator of Drexell & Honeybees Donations Only Restaurant. With current voting, McMillan is first in her group with more than 100 chefs competing  for the top prize.

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“I’m so excited about this,” McMillan said. “This would be a tremendous win, not only for our restaurant, but for our community.”

McMillan has vowed to share the joy if she should be declared the winner, but she said she needs help from the community to win the prize.

“This is a four-round event,” McMillan said. “This voting started on Feb. 16 and the first round ends Thursday. After that, round two starts and the voting starts from scratch. Even if someone voted for us in the first round, they will need to keep voting for every round we get into after that. Each round starts from scratch.”

Currently, McMillan is in first place in her division of “Hero Chefs” and hopes to keep moving through the rounds.

“There are four groups of chefs competing for this prize,” McMillan said. “Each group has 30 chefs in it. That means 120 people are competing for the same prize. After the first round, there will only be 60 chefs left to vote for in the four groups. And the number just keeps getting smaller with each round until a winner is determined. The voting should end on April 8.”

McMillan said as the rounds of voting continue, the competition will be fierce and every vote counts.

“We need to get a lot of people committed to voting every single day,” McMillan said. “Everyone can vote once every 24 hours. It only takes about 15 seconds to vote but you have to vote using your Facebook account.”

McMillan said she plans to share the winnings with other non-profits in the community if she is lucky enough to come out on top.

“There are so many other wonderful non-profits in our community and everyone is working hard to get funding,” McMillan said. “If I do win, the majority of the winnings would, of course, go to help fund our mission. But, I would certainly be more than happy to share some of the winnings with some other groups here. So, this money would benefit the whole community in some kind of way. That’s wat we see as far as the money goes.”

McMillan asked that if everyone who votes would share the link and ask others to vote, the possibility of winning is there.

“We can do this and I feel good about it,” McMillan said. “As the rounds go on, it will get a little harder to win. But if we do this right, we can get it done.”

To vote for McMillan in this competition, go to and cast your vote.