RSTC dual-enrollment instructor partners with Snap-on

Published 1:45 pm Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Reid State Technical College Escambia County Dual Enrollment Instructor Jason Blackwell recently partnered with Snap-on, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions. Through this special relationship, RSTC Escambia County Dual Enrollment students will be eligible to receive Snap-on certifications which will provide a return on technical education investment through hands-on training and state of the art tools and equipment. Earning these Snap-on certifications provides a widely recognized endorsement of technical expertise and demonstrate achievement.

The Snap-on Tools@Height Certification enables students to acquire the capabilities essential for identifying hazards and preventing accidents when performing work β€œat height.” The situational awareness skills and knowledge of safe workplace practices are TOOLS FOR LIFE that can help to avert costly damage to equipment and injury to others.


The successful completion of the Snap-on Precision Measuring Instruments Certification enables graduates to demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamentals of working with precision measurement instruments. The skills acquired during this comprehensive training are valuable TOOLS FOR LIFE that can lead to rewarding careers in a vast array of industries in the global

marketplace. Precision measuring is the cornerstone of quality in products and services many

people rely upon each day. Starrett, Snap-on and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to create a certification that includes hands-on training on instruments that are vital to engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, power generation, and natural resources, to name a few. Those who earn this certification will be proficient in the use of a variety of instruments ranging from tapes and rules to calipers and micrometers.

The Snap-on Multimeter Certification is awarded to students who have been trained in the use of Snap-on advanced electrical monitoring equipment. The knowledge and experience gained in this critical discipline are TOOLS FOR LIFE essential to a successful career in critical industries such as automotive repair, transportation, wind power, manufacturing, HVAC, and robotics. This certification includes training on the problem-solving capabilities of Snap-on digital multimeters β€” the same technology used by professionals in the workplace. Training is focused on subjects from basic applications to advanced

troubleshooting. This certification provides a widely recognized endorsement of technical

expertise and demonstrated achievement. When students successfully complete this Snap-on certification, they obtain one of the most requested skills in the industry today.

In addition to receiving certifications RSTC Escambia County Dual Enrollment students may obtain the tools required for their program with special student pricing and direct access to a dedicated Snap-on representative to assist with sales and support.