D.A.R.E. program honors graduates

Published 6:01 pm Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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Fifth grade students at Brewton Middle School participated in a graduation ceremony held in the gym on Friday. The students graduated following the completion of instruction in the D.A.R.E. Program presented through the Brewton Police Department.
Officer Heath Madison was in the instructor for the class that has been a part of the public schools for many years.
Madison, who addressed the group prior to the beginning of certificate presentation, said he has had the honor to be the instructor for a decade in Brewton City Schools.
“This is my 10th year instructing D.A.R.E.,” Maddison said. “It is an honor to teach you all about negative effects on your body from drugs and alcohol. I hope that you will take what you’ve learned and become mature adults and become good members of society. The way to do that is to stay away from drugs.”
Madison’s instruction also included information on topics of vaping and bullying.
“I’m proud of each of you for completing this program,” Madison told the students. “I know that you’ve learned something to take with you as you grow.”
Rick Wilson, owner and CEO of Brewton Iron Works, was the guest speaker at the ceremony.
“As you go through life, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to choose things,” Wilson said. “Some good and some bad. My prayer is that you’ll choose the good things. Take every opportunity in life to make someone happy. Bad habits never turn into good habits — they are always bad. Never take them up.”

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