More than 100 vendors set for Saturday’s Blueberry Festival

Published 1:54 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Nearly 130 vendors will be set up at this Saturday’s (June 17) Alabama Blueberry Festival offering a wide variety of hand-made, hand-crafted items. There will also be an array of informational booths at the event offering details about area projects and services and even an East Brewton booth selling ducks for next months race.
Vendors already committed for the festival include:
Randy Wyatt with wood creations out of pallets;
Stan Lathan with Bama tshirts and other items;
Erin Shaffer with custom shirts, cups, hats, etc.;
Karen Barlow with 3D custom wood crafts;
Stephen Hogarth with floating headboards and night stands;
James Stratton with soaps, bath and personal care items;
Tim Tingle with handcarved golf balls and wooden figurines;
Kimberly Hodges with freeze dried candy and snacks;
Joe Lightsey with woodwork, music boxes, etc.;
Pat Salter with wreaths, doorhangers, etc.;
Lisa Martin with NCAA, NFL and military birdhouses;
Brian Duchame with smoked jerky, bbq sauces and seasonings;
Jodie Nata with goat milk, dog/cat treats, etc.;
Aprilynn Parker with handmade jewelry, etc.;
Christina Bowles with signs, flags and holders;
Debra Ray with custom tshirts, farmhouse decor;
Paul Thompson with knives;
Donna Carroll with embroidered items;
Amie Gurtousul with tumblers, tea towels, etc.;
Jo Anna Hrycuna with metal yard art;
Danny Bailey with freeze dried candy;
Stacy Maddox with children’s clothing;
Stacy VanDortrecht with honey products;
Sam Spivey with wrought iron planters, etc.;
Cynthia Stopher with handmade jewelry;
Jim Gay with wheelthrown pottery;
Christine Rogers with custom vinyl decals, cups, etc.;
Pam Land with soap, shaving sops, kits, etc.;
James Scott with purses, black soap, shea butter soap, etc.;
Sharon Seawright with matts, kitchen towels, aprons, etc.;
Dwain Sanders with plants in porcelain pottery;
Donna White with cookies, breads, cakes;
Skeet Dennis with natural beeswax lotion, lip balms, etc.;
Will Lawrence with sublimated tumblers, keychains, earrings, etc.;
Connie Eccles with purses, wallets, ot pads, coasters, etc.;
Joy Odom with framed original alcohol inks;
Edna Alexander with wooden doorhangers, flags, keychains;
Macy Coker with jewelry, designed shirts, kitchen and baby items;
Phyllis Sims with canned goods, throws, etc.;
Iishia McWilliams with candies, bath bombs, etc.;
Valeri Wager with honey and beeswax soaps, etc.;
Tabatha Blackburn with windchimes and wood art;
Julie Thompson with doorhangers, tshirts, etc.;
Kailynne Johnson with beaded paci clips, pens, etc.;
Lori Whitson with soaps, candles, wax melts, etc.;
Sarah Stamatelos with cookies, mini cakes, muffins, etc.;
Kathy Crook with handmade fudge, eat snacks, taffy, etc.;
Linda Campbell with seed bead bracelets, etc.;
Abbie Lamb with handpainted wooden door hangers, etc.;
Tiffany Swauger with tumblers, shirts, signs, etc.;
Candace Rabon with sublimation tumblers, freshies, etc.;
Rene Bunch with beaded eyeglasses/sunglasses, etc.;
Valree Hughes with aprons, pot holders, etc.;
Ansley Noel with facepainting;
Tomika Walker with soywax candles, melts, etc.;
Mallory Hallford with door hangers, earrings, etc.;
Olivia Bradford with embroidery, sublimation, etc.;
Don Sales with historical books;
Jerri Ledford with fine wood cutting and charcuterie boards, etc.;
Michael Blackburn with wood/resin items;
Byran Ramsey with soaps, candles, warmers, etc.;
Phillip Ward with original cartoon artwork;
Bruce Shue with wood bowls, candle holders, etc;
Matthew Spann with faith-based hats and shirts;
Kevin Senter with handmade items of exotic woods;
Karen Killen with wood work, tshirts, birdhouses;
Dennis Williams with wooden toys;
Deanna Stabenow with children’s clothes and accessories;
Cimmaron Wilson with cupcakes, cake pops, pretzel roads, etc.;
Christina Holland with sublimation tumblers, sippy cups, bottles, etc.;
David Turner with amateur radio;
Kara Eilskov with tie-dyed garmes and textile items;
Brad Snellgrove with birdhouses and painted glass;
Dahlia Day with handcrafted soap made of organic oils;
Rebecca Norris with wooden doorhangers, toys, baby items, etc.;
Haley Marks with custom jewelry;
Sharon Ward with tumblers, license plates, wind spinners, etc.;
Jessica Townsend with blooming perennial plants, hanging baskets, etc.;
Michael Stevens with pottery and ceramics;
Geraldine Jagel with homemade pet products;
Corean Williams with soaps, candles, body butter, etc.;
Greg Fleming with fruits, vegetables, honey and freeze dried candy;
Stephen Warren with wood products;
Nikki Johnson with epoxy baby bottles, etc.;
Christopher Dickerson with leather goods, coasters, hairbows, etc.;
Sherman Williams with books, autographed phots, etc.;
Joel Johnson with custom tshirts, tank tops, hats, etc.;
Dorothy Hale with handmade belts, buckles, wallets, etc;
Kriss Amacker with blueberry banana bread, etc.;
Dick Cardwell with rustic wooden flags, etc.;
Conny Williamson with tumblers, wind spinners, earrings, etc.;
Ruth Morris with homemade soap, bath bombs, resin art, etc.;
Holly Shirley/Blueberry Trail Maids with slices of pound cake varieties;
Sid Tresch with sand art, toys, etc.;
Haley Lish with bows, shirts, earrings, etc.;
Stephen Smith with orignial artwork;
Angelia Kennedy with wood door hangers, etc.;
Maria Bryars with letter summer door hangers/plaques.

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