Brewton native pens memoir

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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Brewton native Patrick Weaver, continues to blaze his own path with the release of his first literary work.
Weaver, a Nashville-based influencer, announced the release of his memoir entitled Southern Fried Sass: How I Became The Most Fabulous Version Of Myself.
The book takes readers through many different periods of his life, including some very challenging times. He couples those difficult moments of his life with funny anecdotes and lighthearted moments from his life that impacted him in some way or taught him a valuable life lesson.
“I never really set out to write a book, let alone to write one on my own life,” Weaver says, “But, after filling up two spiral notebooks journaling about traumatic events and things from my past that I remember fondly, I thought to myself…this could be a book.”
Weaver said that many of the stories written in the book cover the time he spent in Brewton.
“Much of the stories and experiences that are mentioned in the book happened while I grew up in Brewton,” Weaver said. “And in a way, that town raised me and helped form me into who I am. Both in good and bad ways. However, I am so proud to be a Brewton native, and I know that some of the world’s best people live in that community. I have nothing but love for the people in Brewton, even those who made things difficult for me at times throughout my life.”
The book covers topics like his adoption story, getting to use President George W. Bush’s personal bathroom on Air Force One and how he became a survivor of sexual violence.
“I’ve been working with a therapist for the last three years, and we began working on getting through traumas that I have experienced,” Weaver said. “It was easier for me to write these things out instead of just speaking about them to her.”
Weaver explains how he first started writing in these personal journals. Writing was always very cathartic to him, and a great way for him to adequately express what he was trying to say.
Weaver describes the book not as a self-help book with all of the answers to how to live a fabulous life, but rather a challenge for people.
“I wanted to challenge people to have a different outlook on their own life and their experiences,” Weaver said. “All of the good and bad things we have all been through led them to where they are today. The challenge from there is to understand that you are the most fabulous version of yourself. Own that!”
Like any author, Weaver is hoping the book will be helpful for people who may need a new look at life.
“My hope for this book is that people can reflect on their own lives and actions and find ways to appreciate the good and the bad that is inevitable,” Weaver said. “We can experience some of life’s most horrific moments and still move forward.”
Weaver’s book is now available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook for $23.99 and $15.99, respectively.

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