TRM takes loss at hands of UMS-Wright

Published 1:41 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2023

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A tough fought game between T.R. Miller and UMS-Wright ended in a squeaker of a loss for the Tigers as they fell in their second game of the season, 16 to 14.
With Nathan Commander at quarterback, the Tigers got the ball first for the night. During their possession, Tigers Christopher Williams, Brodie Anthony and Takai Askew move the ball down the field. A pass to Langley Folsom gets the Tigers in the red zone. Askew would get the ball and make a dash into the endzone for the first touch down of the night putting the Tigers on the board first. A failed two-point conversion, but the Tigers take the lead 6-0.
Defending the ball against the UMS-Wright Bulldogs, work from Eli Carpenter, Demarcus Street, Kavarius Bell, williams and Askew work to hold the Bulldogs back. The work forced a punt back to the Tigers.
But the Tigers can’g make much progress down the field and find themselves punting to the Bulldogs.
With work against at tough Tiger defense, the Bulldogs manage to make steady progress on their possesion. After a penalty that backed them up, the Bulldogs find their way into the endzone for their first touchdown. A failed point-after attempt puts the game at a 6-6 tie.
As the second quarter gets underway, the Tigers have possession and begin their route to the end zone. Askew would get the ball first, but on the remaining downs, the Tigers fail to reach the first-down marker and are forced to punt the ball away.
Standing their ground, the Tiger defense works to hold the Bulldogs away from the goal. A bad Bulldog snap keeps UMS in a third-and-10 spot, but follow it with a complete pass and a big first down. But, a holding penalty negated the gain. Now on a third-and-17, the Bulldogs manage to make big gains near the first-down marker. Detecting a possible punt block, the QB holds the ball and finds the first-down spot on the field. Langley Folsom steps up to defend Tiger real estate and stops movement on the play. Askew pulls the QB down on a play for a stop with cleanup from Eli Hubbert. Streety, CJ Stanton and Terrence Battle team up to stop any movement by the Bulldogs forcing a punt back to the Tigers.
As the Tigers get possession mid-way of the second quarter, hard work will be needed to make a move down the field. Jolly gets the ball and moves on a good pick-up and would move hard down the field on the next play. On a third-run, Jolly gets hit immediately for a stop. Askew gets the ball and picks up a trio of yards near mid-field, but it wasn’t enough to convert forcing a turnover on a failed punt back to the Bulldogs.
As UMS takes the offense, a quick move to find a first down takes all four tries to get there. A good Bulldog pass to an open player puts plenty of real estate under the feet of UMS threatening to enter the end zone. The QB bobbles a bad snap, but manages to keep the ball and find the end zone from 12-yards. A good PAT puts the Bulldogs on top, 13-6.
As the Tigers get the ball with just over a minute to make something happen before the half-time buzzer. Commander gets the ball to Jolly who can only pick up a pair on the play. With a completed pass to Hubbert, the Tigers get close to the first-down marker. Askew finds the first-down marker and keeps moving to get the ball near mid-field. But the buzzer to end the first half of play would interrupt the hard work.
At the half, UMS leads the Tigers, 13-6.
A kick to the Bulldogs puts them in charge of the ball to begin the second half of the game.
That possession would be a hard one as the Tiger defense puts up fresh pressure on potential runners. Quickly exhausting the Bulldog chance at the end zone and forcing a punt back to the Tigers.
Commander steps up and gets the ball to Askew who can only manage a pair on the play. A good catch by Brodie Anthony makes good progress by the Tigers and a first-down play. Askew gets the ball and a big hit from a Bulldog defender for no gain. Commander gets sacked for a loss putting the Tigers in dangerous territory forcing a punt back to the Bulldogs.
Bulldogs get the ball and move the ball on a good run toward the goal. The Bulldog It would take a pair of plays for the Bulldogs to find the first-down marker with only inches to spare. After picking up another four-down chance, the Bulldogs get held out of striking distance and go for a field goal with success. UMS leads 16-6.
As the Tigers get a fresh chance at the ball, J.J. Montgomery receives the kick and makes a mad dash all the way down the field for a TD. A good two-point conversion tightens the gap in the score with TRM 14, UMS 16.
UMS gets the ball but a tough Tiger defense holds the line. A Bulldog penalty hurts their progress on the field. Williams stands his ground and prevents a complete pass and other Tigers keep the Bulldogs from finding the first-down marker drawing a punt back to the Tigers.
Jolly gets the ball but a penalty negates any gain on the play. Commander can’t find a receiver on one play, but manages to get the ball to Anthony to pick up positive yards. Bell gets the ball but goes down for no gain. On a fourth-and-7 play, the Tigers are forced to punt the ball back to a Bulldog possession.
As UMS takes the ball, K.J. Henderson, Folsom, Battles and Askew are in the right place to take down the Bulldog receivers. A bad punt puts the ball up for grabs with the Tigers picking it up.
A good run by Askew puts the Tigers within striking distance on the one-yard line. Askew tries to cross the line but fumbles the ball in the process and lose possession.
As UMS gets the ball, they have a long way to go for another score. A Tiger defense works to push the Bulldogs back, but they get some space and find the first-down marker. Another couple of runs keeps their momentum going to find their way across mid-field and a first down. The Bulldogs did their part in running the clock out with a steady move of the ball.
As the final buzzer sounds, the Tigers take their first loss on the year.
Final: UMS-Wright 16, TRM 14.
The tigers will travel to Wilcox-Central next Friday for their first region match-up. Kickoff will be at 7 p.m.