Visiting Angel volunteers at Drexell & Honeybee’s

Published 12:57 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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Bryan Jacobs came to Brewton acting on what he says God put in his heart.
Jacobs, a resident of Overland Park, Kan., said the idea to make the drive to volunteer at Drexell & Honeybee’s Donations-Only Restaurant, came quite by chance.
“I was listening to NPR in my car and heard just a few words about the resaurant,” Jacobs said “I went home to do some research and find more information.”
Jacobs said his search for information resulted in seeing some videos of the restaurant featured on a variety of platforms.
“The Holy Spirit inspired me to come and pitch in,” Jacobs said. “It’s amazing what the Lord does. He put this idea in my head, in my heart and then in my feet. That’s what brought me here the first week of February.”
For five weeks, Lisa said anything that needed to be done was quickly handled by the visitor.
“He has been a pleasure for us,” Lisa said. “Anything that we needed he helped with. It’s been very refreshing to have him here.”
Jacobs, who returned to Kansas on Thursday, said being in Brewton was a pleasant experience — including visiting several churches.
“I really like Brewton,” Jacobs said. “I have been to a differenc church each week. The people here are very friendly.”
Jacobs said the visit has been a “healing process” for him since he lost his wife in September.
“It has been an absolute joy and honor to serve beside Lisa and Authrine (Davis),” Jacobs said. “Since my wife passed away in September, this has been a healing process for me. I’m please to hear that I am eigble for re-hire.”
Authrine Davis, another regular volunteer at the restaurant, said having Jacobs around was a blessing in many ways.
“He has been a help to us mentally, physically and spirtually,” Davis said. “He is an awesome man of faith. He doesn’t just talk it, he walks it.”
Jacobs said he had obligations that called him back to Kansas, but would happily return to Brewton if the opportunity arose.
Traveling with Bently, his golden retriever, Jacobs spent his down time in his travel trailer in East Brewton.
Lisa said that Jacobs’ visit wasn’t unusual for volunteers at the restaurant.
“We were lucky to have him with us,” Lisa said. “We are blessed to have vistors from all over the country. Some of them come to volunteer, some come to make donations, but we are happy to see new faces regularly.”
Lisa said recent visitors to the restaurant include Philadelphia, Penn., residents as well as St. Ptersburg, Fla. and beyond.
“We had a couple come from Philly on Wednesday for lunch a couple of weeks ago,” Lisa said. “They left their home on Monday, drove here for lunch and got right back in their car to drive home.”
That couple came to learn from Lisa and see how the operation at Drexell & Honeybee’s works.
“They want to do something like this in their hometown,” Lisa said. “They came to learn how they could help others.”
Another recent visitor drove 8 1/2 hours from St. Petersburg, Fla., on their spring break, Lisa said.
“It’s amazing,” Lisa said. “People will drive over a thousand miles just to come for a visit.”
Lisa, along with her husband Freddie, held a sixth anniversary celebration yesterday.
The restaurant is located at 109 Lee Street near downtown Brewton and is open Tuesday through Thursday each week from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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