Burnham Pizza Company opens downtown on Friday

Published 1:19 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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A long-time dream will be coming true on Friday evening for Tony Burnham.
Burnham Pizza Company, located on the Boardwalk in Downtown Brewton, will be opening their doors at 6 p.m. to what may be a throng of pizza lovers.
For just over two months, Burnham has been working to make his dream of owning a restaurant a reality.
“I love what I’m doing,” Burnham said. “It has been a dream of mine to have a business or restaurant. I didn’t think it would happen until we moved back here.”
Burnham, who grew up in Brewton, moved back to his hometown three years ago and has been holding that dream since that time.
“We moved back here three years ago and I’ve been heading in this direction since then,” Burnham said. “David (Jennings) and Will (Ruzic) have been instrumental in getting me here. A lot of people have worked to make this a reality.”
Burnham will be filling his restaurant with local memorabilia and atmosphere to make sure the people in the community are represented.
“I’m paying homage to Coach (Donnie) Rotch with my oven named ‘Hoss’ in honor of him,” Burnham said.
That oven, along with a wood-fired oven already in place at the location, will be churning out pizzas that Burnham says he hopes will be “the best in the world.”
Burnham has traveled around the country in search of good pizza and has taken his research and improved it for the Brewton community.
“I have found some great pizza in other parts of the country from Beverly Hills to Chicago,” Burnham said. “I have sought out the best ingredients to make pizza that will be the best.”
Burnham will make traditional pizzas that people love, but he has also put some pies on the menu that will be more than just “special.”
“I will have a pizza that is unique to Brewton,” Burnham said. “The Oaks Cheese Burger Pizza is special and I’ll have that for opening day and beyond. I contacted Lew Najor and asked for the Oaks’ burger recipe and he talked with his mother and I have that recipe. It won’t be a burger, but a cheeseburger pizza that will bring back some memories for people in the community. I made one and topped it with french fries and my wife said it was great. I made three or four and called some friends to try it. Most of us haven’t had an Oaks cheeseburger since high school. My friend, Bart Till, said that it took him back.”
Burnham said the menu will be tight to begin with and will change as tastes change in the community.
“Our menu may change from time to time,” Burnham said. “The menu will be modified with some chalkboard specials along the way.”
Burnham said he won’t be competing with other local pizza places.
“That’s why we traveled around nationally to get a look at some renowned pizzas,” Burnham said. “We have found the ingredients we’ll need to make the best pizzas.”
Burnham said those ingredients will make what he hopes will be the “best pizza in the world” and hopes the community will see the difference.
Some local memorabilia is already on the walls and Burnham says he hopes to add more to give the restaurant something “cool and different” for the people who come in.
With 10 people already on staff, the restaurant will open its doors on Friday, April 19 at 6 p.m. On Saturday, the restaurant will open at 11 a.m. and close at 4:30 p.m. for a private party. Burnham says he plans to open on Sundays after church and for lunch on Mondays. The restaurant will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday and re-open on Thursdays with regular weekend hours. Opening times may change based on demand, he said.
There will be no call-ins during opening week, Burnham said. He has a website in the works with an app for on-line or mobile ordering in the works as well.