Brewton City BOE approves personnel changes

Published 1:48 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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The Brewton City School’s Board of Education met Monday afternoon in a regular meeting to handle personnel matters in addition to regular business items.
In the meeting, Board members quickly agreed to a list of employment items for Brewton City School’s as recommended by Dr. Kenneth Varner, superintendent for the system.
Changes noted in the action were:
Certified Personnel:
Tenure – continuing service status:
Melissa Breedlove – BES Kindergarten; Brittany Brown – BES Kindergarten; Shelby Brown – BES 1st grade; Allison Montgomery – BES 1st grade; Michelle Wright – BES Special Ed; Duree Madden – BMS Special Ed; Stephen Mattox – Brewton Middle School physical education; Taylor Pace – BMS Gifted; Allie Turner – BMS Art; Erin McIntyre – BMS Special Ed.
Tonya Lett – BMS Asst. Principal; Phillip Smith – TRM Job Coach; Ryan Little – TRM Social Studies; Damon Haecker – TRM Computer Science; Stephanie Taylor – BMS Social Studies; Tabitha Barlow – BES Pre-K; Kelsey Scott – BES 4th grade; Skylar Jaye – BES 3rd grade; Danielle Haecker – BES PE; Kelli Kirkland – TRM Art; Grace Byrd – BES Special Ed; Brittany Hastings – BES 1st grade; Mary Allison Najor – TRM Language Arts; Jake Najor – TRM Social Studies.
Nancy Hart – BMS Intervention; Katie Kirkland – BMS 6th grade; Miranda Maher – BES Kindergarten; Barrett Edge – BMS Language Arts; Tiffany Blackwell – BES 3rd grade; Caitlin Turner – BES 4th grade; Dr. Charla DeLeo – Special Ed Coordinator.
Teralyn Kast – TRM Science.
Classified Personnel:
Tenure – continuing service status:
Netaliah Johnson – BMS Instructional aide; Wiley Downing – maintenance asst.; April Parker and Valerie Carnley – BES Pre-K auxiliary teachers; Angela Gresham and Monica Hicks – BES CNP.
Leigh Moore – TRM Career Coach; Brooke Hutto – TRM Secretary; Kevin Hails – BMS Custodian; Amber Carpenter – BMS CNP; Jessica Thomas – BES Custodian; Shemeka Watson – BES instructional aide; Amanda Rosenwieg – BES secretary; Crystal Baker – TRM secretary; Sherrica Wesley – TRM custodian; Jamie Reeves – BES instructional aide; Chelsea Lowell – BES CNP manager; Megan Nichols – BES custodian; Candi Gross – BES instructional aide; Tiffany Madden – BES instructional aide; Tonya Ashburn – bus driver; Amanda Byrd – BES instructional aide.
Sharon Boutwell – BMS CNP manager; Tori Rikard – technology assistant; Andrew Willis – BMS instructional aide.
With no other action, Board President Ann Peach adjourned the meeting with a unanimous vote.

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