Thomas mixes banking with love of outdoors

Published 1:40 am Wednesday, October 9, 2002

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features Writer
Dan Thomas is a hometown fellow that grew up in Brewton and attended T.R. Miller High School. As the homecoming game approaches, he remembers what he calls his claim to fame playing football there.
Thomas graduated from T.R. Miller in 1966 and went to college at the University of Alabama where he graduated in 1971 with a business degree.
After graduation, he went to Mobile and worked at what used to be Merchants' National Bank and is now Regions Bank. He was employed there for the next 10 years, working his way up.
He came back to Brewton in the early 1980's to work at First National Bank as a vice-president. Since that time he has worked his way up the ladder to senior vice-president. He is in charge of loans, public relations, business development, advertising and calling on customers.
Thomas is involved with civic affairs. He is past president of the Rotary Club and the Brewton Chamber of Commerce. He is also involved with several clubs devoted to wildlife.
When he is not working at the bank, chances are good that you will find Thomas hunting, fishing or cooking what he he has caught or hunted.
He has a place at White Oak Creek that he loves to go to hunt, fish and just get away from it all. He and Abbey go boating there a lot too. He is planning a hunting trip next month in Arkansas with Abbey and next year he is planning to go to Canada to hunt for bears.
Thomas is also interested in NASCAR races and has gone to many of the speedways to see good races.
He enjoys cooking, especially simple foods and wild game.
One would guess that he is an avid Alabama football fan, and he is, but his love of the team does not keep him from rooting for Auburn either.
Thomas is married to Sherrin Thomas and he has three children; Greer who is a school teacher and lives in Birmingham; Jackson, who "lives in Brewton and everybody knows" and Stephen, who is a senior at the University of Alabama.
Thomas and his family were happy to move back to Brewton from Mobile.

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