More of Lindsey not a good thing

Published 2:34 am Wednesday, October 23, 2002

By Staff
To the editor:
I was amazed at your editorial endorsement of Senator Pat Lindsey. Your editorial says vote for Lindsay and we will have more of the same. Do you mean:
More job losses? More education cuts? More scandals in Montgomery?
Why do you support more of the same? Why should we? We need change; we need honest leaders working to bring good jobs. We have had enough of Pat Lindsey's pay raises for politicians while we are in the midst of an economic free fall here in Alabama.
I agree that the next few years are critical. We need someone in Montgomery who can make decisions based on common sense; someone who has business experience as well as a strong creative leadership. Sheldon Day best fills this criteria. He was a successful manager of Wal-Mart prior to becoming mayor of Thomasville. As mayor he has led Thomasville through real economic growth and development.
Pat Lindsey and The Standard say re-elect him because he has been effective. Let's look at just two important issues facing Southwest Alabama and see just how effective he is.
Schools - Are our schools really the best they can be? Of course not. Our schools need more money, more computers, more discipline and higher standards.
Pat Lindsey has given us corruption and proration. We can do better. Thomasville schools are better under the leadership of Sheldon Day.
Jobs - We need more better paying jobs. Pat Lindsey's answer is higher taxes. Everyone knows that higher taxes kill jobs.
Sheldon Day is an organized and much sought after expert on job creation. He has actually created jobs and saved existing jobs in Southwest Alabama.
Lindsey has been in Montgomery so long that he thinks the important things are up there - lobbyists, special interest money, etc. What we need is someone with the experienced knowledge, energy and dedication to work for us. Sheldon Day has that experience; he has created hundreds of jobs and improved schools.
Ask yourself, is Southwest Alabama better off today than it was four years ago? If not, give Sheldon Day a chance to make things better.
Carolyn Larrimore

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