Amendment 1 will keep voters in control

Published 2:58 am Wednesday, October 30, 2002

By Staff
Our View
On next week's ballot there is a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution that, if passed, will make sure that the voters of this state have the final say in any rewriting of the constitution.
Amendment 1 will help Alabamians, not politicians and lobbyists, be in control of the future of the state. It is important that the voting public be able to ratify or deny any proposed constitution.
While it is important for our state leaders to work toward providing the citizens of Alabama with a modern and fair constitution, it is also important that voters remain in control of the final outcome. Otherwise, the point of rewriting is moot.
In our view, voters across the state should vote a resounding yes for Amendment 1. Then we can get down to the real work of putting together a constitution that does Alabama citizens justice.

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