Burnt Corn Park perfect setting for carnival

Published 3:17 am Wednesday, November 6, 2002

By Staff
To the editor:
I am writing in response to the letter written by Mr. Mack Salter. I am a resident of the City of Brewton and feel very fortunate that we have Burnt Corn Creek Park. I walk in the park and was very disturbed by Mr. Salter's letter. After reading his letter, I went to the park to see if the carnival "ravaged" the park. I found that all of the trash was picked up and that the area looked neat and clean. The asphalt trails were untouched and the newly-planted trees and shrubs looked as healthy as they did one week ago.
I went to the Brewton City Council on behalf of the Escambia County Mental Health Board. I am president of this board which runs the Brewton Nutrition Center. The Escambia County Mental Health Board is a non-profit organization which is financed by the United Way of Brewton and East Brewton and by private sponsors. We provide approximately 72 meals Monday through Friday for the elderly and homebound. Our program allows social interaction as well as a health meal for many elderly. I do not consider this "charity for God knows whom."
I went to the carnival and felt that many residents of Brewton, as well as surrounding towns, enjoyed the rides, entertainment, games and atmosphere. We so often complain about our children having so little entertainment available. This was an opportunity for our youth and young at heart to enjoy our city park in a different way. While I was unable to walk in the park for a week, Burnt Corn Creek Park was designed for all of the residents of Brewton.
The Escambia County Mental Health Board received a check today on behalf of the Brewton Nutrition Center for over $2,000. The same amount was given to the East Brewton Sails site. The "city fathers" did not benefit from this carnival. The worthy citizens who participate in the Brewton Nutrition Center and Meals on Wheels program are indeed thankful.
Emmie P. Jernigan

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