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Published 3:24 am Wednesday, November 6, 2002

By By LYDIA GRIMES - Features Writer
Godwin family in Escambia County
A few weeks ago, I told you about the Emmons family. Mike Emmons, who wrote and gave the information on the Emmons family goes back to the Godwin family. Two or three years ago I told you about the Godwin family so I thought that I would tell you again.
William M. Godwin was born abt. 1780 in Georgia, married bef. 1804 to Pheriby ? and had at least seven children. The children were John Godwin (abt 1804) who married Elizabeth, Thomas Godwin (8 Apr. 1807) who married Mary Sparkman, William M. Godwin, Jr. (8 Apr. 1807-5 May 1897) who married Elizabeth McCabe Brewton, Levi Godwin (2 Mar 1809-4 Aug. 1880) who married 1st Sarah ??, and married 2nd Catherine Price, Eady Godwin (abt 1810) who married Robert ? Hammac, Pheriby Godwin (18 Aug. 1812-6 Nov. 1902) who married John Gay and Sabra Godwin (abt 1816) who married Benjamin Brewton.
John Godwin and his wife, Elizabeth had at least seven children….Martha (1832), Nancy (1833), Elizabeth (1836), Pheriby (1841), Chinsy (1844), Jefferson (1846) and William (1848). I have no more information on these children.
Thomas Godwin and his wife, Mary Sparkman had at least seven children….Pheriba (1836), Mary (1838), Margaret (1840), Sarah (1844), Zilpha (1846), William (1847) and Marion G. (1849). I have no more information on these children.
William M. Godwin, Jr. (8 Apr. 1807-5 May 1897) and his wife, Elizabeth McCabe Brewton (20 Jan 1813-15 Sept. 1876) had at least 15 children…Elisha C. (1829) who married Amanda Coleman, Sabra Larsa ( 1 Mar 1831-18 July 1920) who married Cornelius Columbus Coleman, Joseph (11 Feb. 1833-4 Sept. 1864) who married Harriett A. Stanton, Jonathon (1834) who married Mary Wilson, Nathan Allen (28 Aug. 1836-5 Apr. 1915) who married Amanda E. Stanton, William M. Godwin III (1 Dec. 1838-15 Nov. 1916) who married Sarah Jones, Isabella (1840), Thomas Henry (22 May 1842-28 June 1920) who married Sarah Elizabeth Hammac, Lucinda (1845), Jacob Alexander (1846) who married Clarissa Hall, Sarah (1848) who married James Robert Merritt, Samuel E. (1849), Mary M. (1850), Nancy P.(1853), and Catherine (1855) who married Clemson Hall.
Levi Godwin (1809) and his wife, Sarah (15 Nov. 1807-8 Apr. 1877) had at least 15 children….Elisha, Patsy, Zilpha (6 Dec. 1827-4 Aug. 1895) who married Abraham C. Brewton, William Creal (15 Sept. 1829-15 Feb. 1895) who married Sarah Barrow, James M. (1831), Catherine, Sarah (1837), Levi, Jr. (1837) who married Mary Jane Gunter, Syrena (6 June 1840-8 Jan 1863) who married James A. Stanton, Martha (1841), Lucinda (1842), John D. (1843), Sabra (1845), Wiley (1846), and Mary J. (18 Feb. 1849-23 Aug. 1910) who married George Washington Emmons.
Eady Godwin (1810) and her husband, Robert ? Hammac had at least five children … Stephen Hammac (1831), Sarah Hammac (1834), Lea Hammac (1836), Josephine Hammac (1841), and Caroline Hammac (1842).
I realize that there are a lot of names and dates listed here, but maybe they can be useful if you are part of this family. Mike Emmons' connections seem to come from the Levi Godwin family through his daughter, Mary Jane, who married George Washington Emmons. I may continue with some more on this family next week.
Happy Hunting!

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