Resident disappointed with endorsement

Published 3:18 am Wednesday, November 6, 2002

By Staff
To the editor:
We were disappointed to see The Brewton Standard's endorsement of Pat Lindsey and the glowing terms used to describe his tenure. We have never heard anything quite like what you published remotely connected with his name. The Brewton Standard says re-elect Lindsey because he has been effective. Let's look at the most important issues facing our area and see just how effective he has been.
We have been trying for decades to acquire a four-lane connector from Brewton to I-65. Anyone who has been in this area for more than a few months is aware of this need. However, when Senator Lindsey was asked about the status of this project at a forum held at JDCC, he responded by saying he, "didn't know we wanted one!"
Are our schools really the best they can be? Of course not. Our schools need more money, more computers, and higher standards. Under Pat Lindsey's watch we have seen corruption (i.e. his trip to Paris), proration and crumbling facilities. Senator Lindsey claims to have worked to bring money to our area for schools. Is he referring to monies GIVEN to us, and every district, by the Educational Trust Fund? By law, he must use these monies for schools and educational related facilities in his district.
Lindsey has been in Montgomery a long time and has been given the chance to change our area for the better. He has had his opportunity and has failed. We need someone with the experience and dedication to work for us. Sheldon Day has the experience and the record to prove it. Mayor Day has been in Brewton meeting and speaking with vast numbers of residents and business owners, listening to their needs and concerns. Surely he has spent more time here in the past month than Pat Lindsey has in the past eight years.
We must ask ourselves if Brewton is better off today than it was before the two decades Pat Lindsey has been in office? It only makes sense that we give Sheldon Day his chance to make things better for us all.
With best regards,
Carol and Joe Gordy

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