Carnival sponsor looks to 'set the record straight'

Published 3:48 am Wednesday, November 13, 2002

By Staff
To the editor:
I made several phone calls to different folks in the town of Flomaton. I even called the Flomaton Police Department inquiring about a person named Mack Salter who wrote a letter about the carnival at Burnt Corn Creek Park that was published in Sunday's Brewton Standard newspaper. No one I called knew of a person named Mack Salter. I wonder if he really exists or is this a fictitious person. Could it be someone in Brewton using the alias Mack Salter?
I wonder how this person could have known what kind of damage was made by Sunday if his letter had to be submitted by deadline to The Brewton Standard on Friday. Does this make any sense?
I met with some city officials on Monday to make sure that everything was alright with the park. I was assured that the park, with the exception of several days of rain prior to the carnivals arrival, was still in great shape. I also found out that our park is not just a nature park, but is also a multi-purpose park which would provide for carnivals, circuses and festivals.
I would like to clear up some inaccurate statements made by this person known as Mack Salter. (1.) Nothing was destroyed or violated. (2.) The James family are wonderful people and they are not nomads. (3.) There were no side shows at the carnival. (4.) There were people using the walking paths during the week. (5.) No 'city father' pocketed one red cent. (6.) There was no damage to any trees, shrubs or sprinkler system. (7.) The carnival did not use any city electricity. It operated with its self-contained electrical generator. (8.) The park needs no new sod.
In the letter, the author also asked if Monroeville and Evergreen would allow James Gang Amusement to come and operate in their city. The answer is yes. They were in Monroeville prior to coming to Brewton and they will be in Evergreen next week. They also visit many other small towns and cities nearby.
And, to set the record straight, the carnival that was at the Brewton Airport, that the letter said made a mess,was another group, not the carnival I sponsored.
The person who wrote the letter said the carnival was invited here to provide "charity for God knows whom." If he had been at a city council meeting or read the signs, he would have known that the profits were to be divided between Brewton and East Brewton senior citizen food programs. The money will help feed the hungry and terminally ill. Once again, the person who wrote that letter put his foot in his mouth.
How could a person claiming to be from Flomaton know so much specific information about Brewton's city business; such as what goes on at a small airport in Riverview, whether or not flower bed sprinklers are working in the park and when the shrubs are planted? Sounds like to me this person is extremely bored or lives and works in Brewton.
For the record, both charities received almost $1,900 each. That will go a long way in helping to feed our elderly.
The letter asks if we in Brewton 'have taken leave of our senses.' I would like to know if his mind has taken leave of this planet. When someone speaks of city pecan trees bearing nuts for all to taste, it makes me wonder who the nut really is.
Gregory Fleming
Carnival Sponsor

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