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Published 3:50 am Wednesday, November 13, 2002

More data on Godwins
I want to continue with the information that I have on the William and Pheriby Godwin family. I also want to point out that I don't pretend to think that I have all the material on the family. I just hope that it will give someone the clue as to some of their ancestors.
Pheriby Godwin (18 August 1812-6 Nov 1902), daughter of Williams and Pheriby Godwin, and her husband, John Gay (1795-1863) had at least eight children…..James Gay (4 Feb 1830-1853), Elizabeth Gay (1832-1908) who married Joseph McCurdy, Levi Gay (11 Apr 1834-6 Feb 1908) who married Leah Hammac (11 June 1835-22 Mar 1924) who may have been daughter of Eady Godwin and Robert Hammac, Kisiah Gay (1836-1905) who married J. W. White, Sabra Gay (11 Apr 1837-5 Sept 1862), Phariby Gay (4 Apr 1839-1908), Millie Gay (30 May 1841-18 Sept 1862), John Gay, Jr. (26 Sept 1843-1862), Zylphia Gay (3 Mar 1847-5 Sept 1862), and Elisha Gay (1852-1941) who married Nancy Henderson. There must have been a horrible outbreak of some disease in September of 1862 as so many of the children died then.
Sabra Godwin (abt 1816) married Benjamin Brewton (d. bef 1849) and had at least seven children…..Pheriby Brewton (27 Oct 1835) who married James Powell, Elizabeth Brewton (abt 1838) who married Jonathan Coleman (abt 1835), Abraham Brewton (abt 1839-Civil War), William T. Brewton (abt 1841-Civil War), Benjamin G. Brewton (15 Oct 1842-12 June 1914) who married Melissa Hammac, Jacob P. Brewton (abt 1845-1875) who married Mary Josephine Stanton (3 May 1854-28 May 1908) and Sarah McCabe Brewton (25 Apr 1847-1 June 1917) who married James A. Williamson (21 Nov 1834-7 Feb 1894).
Now I want to go back and tell you a little bit about the children of William M. Godwin and Elizabeth McCabe Brewton. Elisha Godwin (1829) married Amanda Coleman (11 Feb 1835-23 Nov 1851) and they had at least these children….William Godwin (1853) who married Volusia McGougin (1855) and had six children who were Amanda Godwin who married LeGrand Wilson, Mamie Godwin who married Henry Warr, Sally Godwin who married Joe Beasley, Eliza Godwin who married Andrew J. Singleton, Bama Godwin who married Robert David Smith and George Godwin who married Lillie Emily Hawkins.
Daniel Webster Godwin (abt 1855-3 Jan 1936) who married Octavia Matilda Tippins (30 Sept 1857-30 Sept1911) and had 10 children….Henry M. Godwin (abt 1876) who married Mary Jernigan, Ethel Norsworthy and Ione Zaidee Weathorford, Martha Matilda Godwin (9 Sept 1877-1 June 1942) who married Benjamin Edward Crook (23 Jan 1874-11 May 1940), Charlie Godwin (10 July 1880-5 Oct 1906) who married Mattie Lynn (5 Jan 1886), Mary Ann Godwin (24 Nov 1883-1965) who married James Earle Cheatham, John Calvin Godwin (8 Dec 1893) who married Eudie Cheatham and Laura Boon, Daniel Webster Godwin, Jr. (died young), Belle Godwin (died young), Rebecca Godwin (died young), Macie Godwin (died young) and Bessie May Godwin.
Edward T. Godwin (abt 1856) who married Nora C. Lee and Betty McCormick. John Godwin (abt 1859) who married Lucy Jernigan, Henry H. Godwin (1862) who married Sarsana "Toddy" McGougin, Mary Godwin (9 Oct 1871-7 Feb 1918) who married John A. Smith (11 Oct 1864-9 Apr 1922).
I will continue with this family next week.
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