Our View

Published 3:47 am Wednesday, November 13, 2002

By Staff
Parks are made to be enjoyed
In recent letters to the editor concerning a carnival at Burnt Corn Creek Park, two views were expressed regarding the carnival's impact on the grounds and our community as a whole. While one saw the carnival as intrusive and a danger to the natural landscape at the park, the other saw it as an opportunity to invite a legitimate business into town and raise money for a good cause.
In our view, Burnt Corn Creek Park was built to be enjoyed by all members of the community. The carnival provided an opportunity for more people to visit the park and enjoy time with their families. After being there for the carnival, many of these families may return to walk around the nature trail or play frisbee golf.
Protecting our park is a legitimate concern. Anyone licensed to entertain in the park should be required to treat the park with respect.
But, trampling down some grass will not diminish the value of Burnt Corn Creek Park. After all, the value of a park should not only be measured by how green its grass is or how tall its trees grow, but also by how many smiles it makes. By that assessment, the park tripled its worth during the recent carnival.

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