Children in need of healthcare transportation

Published 5:17 am Wednesday, December 4, 2002

By Staff
To the editor:
On behalf of the Coalition for a Healthier Escambia County, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the people of our county and this entire area of the need for transportation for many of our children. Every week a child in our county is identified as high risk or critically ill and in need of being transported to a specialty hospital or other health care provider. But, many of these children have no way to get there.
The coalition, in conjunction with All Children Together and Lower Alabama Pediatrics in Brewton, is conducting a fundraising activity in support of the KidOne Transport effort for the county. This program, if successful, will provide transport services at no charge, to the individual, for women and children in need of medical care to any point of service. The program is based in Birmingham but will be located in Escambia County with a local driver. The Mercedes-Benz Company will provide, free of charge, an SUV for use in Escambia County.
The cost to the county is for operations only, at the rate of $45,000 annually for a three-year period. The fee is for the employment of a locally-based driver, gasoline and insurance. These organizations have been successful, through other local partnerships, in securing a very limited amount of funding but is seeking other resources, which will benefit those in the county in need.
It is very possible that there are people in the area who would be willing to make a donation to this project, which will be tax deductible, before the end of this year. It would be so wonderful if we can get this project in place next year so that the children in need will be able to be transported to the needed medical care provider without losing valuable time. Anyone wanting to make a contribution or learn more about the program may call me at 296-5101.
Ruth Harrell RN, MPH

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