More on the Brewton family in Escambia

Published 6:40 am Tuesday, December 24, 2002

By By LYDIA GRIMES - Features Writer
The first thing I want to do today is to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope Santa found everyone's house and satisfied their wishes.
I want to continue with the Brewton descendants who settled in Escambia County. Joseph Brewton's son, Joseph Brewton (1819) married Charlotte Holland. They were the parents of Mary Jane Brewton (3 Jan. 1848) who married Kajor King, Elizabeth Pringle Brewton (2 Jan. 1850) who married a Wynn, Ellen Brewton (23 Mar. 1856), Charlotte Brewton (23 Mar. 1856) who married a McCurdy, Ben Brewton (31 Oc. 1856) (Can this date be right?) who married Elizabeth Turnbull and Simon Brewton (25 Mar. 1858) who married Almedia Entrekin, Raymon Brewton (27 July 1860-21 July 1946) who married Ellen Lowell, John M. Brewton (13 Jan. 1861), Leacy Brewton (19 July 1863), Noah Brewton (26 June 1865) and Nathan Brewton (13 Feb. 1868).
Abraham C. Brewton (10 Apr. 1827-22 June 1909) who married Zilphia Godwin who were the parents ofSarah Elizabeth Brewton (16 Nov. 1848) who married J.J. Lee, Joseph Washington Brewton (21 Sept. 1850-24 Nov. 1919) who married Margaret, Zilpha Kenley Brewton (19 Jan. 1859 (Can this date be right?) -24 Nov. 1928) who married Reubin J. Bowman, Abraham C. Brewton, Jr. (24 May 1853-9 May 1928) who married Nancy Elizabeth, Levi Coleman Brewton (14 Jan. 1855-13 Dec. 1930) who married Flora Catherine Baggett, Lucinda Travis Brewton (1 Oct. 1856-2 July 1933) who married Henry Thomas Entrekin, William Jacob Brewton (30 Nov. 1858-27 June 1941) who married Sarah Margaret Baggett, Riley J. Brewton (1859-6 Dec. 1925) who married Elizabeth Grice, John S. Brewton (3 Dec. 1862-3 Dec. 1885), Margaret M. Brewton (1865), Noah J. Brewton (27 Feb. 1867-9 Oct. 1930) who married Josephine, and Allen W. Brewton (25 Aug. 1869-10 Mar. 1920) who married Mary E. Allen.
Didama Brewton (abt. 1829) who married an Emmons, Barbara Brewton (1830) who married George W. Downing, Parker Pringle Brewton (1836) who married John R. Downing, Benjamin Brewton who married Sabra Godwin, Alexander Brewton and Diana Brewton.
I could continue with the Brewton family and carry them another generation or two, but I think that is enough to get someone started on this family. I would like to mention the family of Emanuel Brewton (3 May 1801) who married Elizabeth Caroline Bacon (1810) the daughter of Jonathan Baskin Bacon and Eliza Myers. They were the parents of Harriett Brewton who married Gideon Mayo, Annie Coleman Brewton who married James William Coleman, Edmund Troupe Brewton (12 Mar. 1828) who married first Martha Coleman and second Bama Robertson, William J. Brewton (22 Mar. 1830-3 Dec. 1906) who married Sarah Emily Weaver, Eliza Jane Brewton (19 Apr. 1834-10 Oct. 1864) who married Clark Edmond Weaver and Emanuel Brewton who married Eliza Dixon.
I wanted to mention this family again as Brewton, the city, was named for Emanuel Brewton's son, Edmund Troupe Brewton.
On Dec. 10, 1868, Escambia County was formed out of part of Conecuh and part of Baldwin Counties. In 1885, Brewton became a city. With the coming of the railroad in 1861 a depot had been built and because Edmund Troupe Brewton served as the first railroad station agent, the stop was called Brewton Station and later became Brewton.
Those of us who live in Brewton owe a lot to the Brewton family. Not only is the town named after them, but the members of the family went on to serve the area in many capacities. Today there are not many left with the Brewton name in the area, but there are numerous descendants by other names who still reside in the southern part of the state.
Next week I will continue with the families that I have been fortunate enough to collect material about the family.
Happy hunting!