Fox producers eye Brewton for reality series

Published 6:58 am Wednesday, January 8, 2003

By By BILL CRIST – Publisher
Brewton as a city, several local businesses and at least one family, could all be featured on a nationally broadcast television show in the near future.
Later this month, a field producer will be in town to meet with local businesses, potential host families and other city officials to gauge interest in the new Fox Television Network reality show "The Simple Life." The show will follow "two 21-year-old celebrity daughters," as they learn about the basics of small-town life. According to producers, the girls will do household chores as well as work at local businesses to earn spending money.
The show is looking for a host family that will provide room and board for the girls. According to producers, the family will be reimbursed for its expenses.
Producers said they would prefer a family setting which would include a house, "on a small farm or ranch and ideally have a son in his 20s and younger children."
Producers went on to say that although they have the "ideal family" in mind, the focus is on small-town living and that any interested family would be encouraged to apply, regardless of where they live or the age of their children.
Prior to the field producer's arrival, a local committee will be interviewing interested families. To get more information about setting up an interview, contact Bill Crist at 867-4666.
Six local businesses will also be featured on the show, as the two girls will both work at a different business each week that they are here. Companies will be reimbursed for their expenses. Business owners and managers interested in meeting with the producers can call Crist at the number above.