Our View

Published 8:10 am Thursday, January 30, 2003

By Staff
Time to give new leaders full support
This week, the new leadership for our state and county took office. These men and women have a long road ahead as their is a lot of work to do … especially in the governor's office.
Bob Riley took office Monday with a message of change to improve our education system and restructure our tax system. This is an overdue initiative, but now is the time for our governor to put his plan for change into action. At this point, there is no time to waste.
At the county level, we welcomed Grover Smith into the sheriff's office. Smith also faces a tough road. Funding is sure to decrease for his office in coming years as sales tax in our county is certain to slip with the loss of jobs and businesses.
We also swore in a new district judge, Dave Jordan. Jordan replaces retiring judge Gordon Batson and will preside over many important hearings and matters that come before his court.
This is the time for all of us to support our leaders whether we voted for them or not. Republicans, Democrats and independent voters must see that our success as a state and county now ride on the shoulders of these new leaders. In our view, we should support them and wish them success. In the end, their success is everyone's success.

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