Some have to learn the hard way

Published 8:06 am Thursday, January 30, 2003

By By ROBERT BLANKENSHIP – Managing Editor
All drugs, be it those that are considered illegal or the others that we have permission to use such as alcohol and cigarettes, come their own dangers. Howevern, there is growing concern over the increasing trends of some of the most dangerous. Crystal methamphetamine and oxycotin have proven to be instant killers. The dramatic increase in the production and usage of these drugs are keeping law enforcement agencies across the country very busy. This is especially true in rural areas.
Crystal meth increases arousal in the central nervous system by pumping up levels of two neurotransmitters - norepinephrine and dopamine. At low doses, it boosts alertness and blocks hunger and fatigue. At higher doses, it causes exhilaration and euphoria. At very high doses, the drug can cause agitation, paranoia and bizarre behavior. Physical effects include increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.
Throughout the past year, the 21st Judicial Drug Task Force and other local law enforcement agencies have posted numerous arrests on charges of crystal methamphetamine production. Just about anyone can set up a lab which is very disturbing. Unfortunately, those with the sense and knowledge to set up a highly volatile chemical lab in their own home are not the owns doing it. Instead, we have half-baked, ignorant drug abusers putting their own lives, and the lives of those around them, in danger. Let's face it, most of these folks probably barely finished high school, much less earned a degree in chemistry.
Producing the drug isn't even half of it. If they are lucky enough not to blow themselves up, then they have a highly-marketable drug that they can sale a lot of at a cheap price. Then some teenager who survived a night of getting drunk off a few beers or smoking some reefer with their friends feel they are ready to experience the next thrill. Next thing we know, the sheriff's office or police are called out to where he or she has overdosed.
Some feel that it is an exaggeration to say that a drug can kill you the first time. But, meth and oxycotin are proven killers. Whether it is your first time or your 100th time, the next time a person uses meth or oxycotin could be their last.
It seems that as much as we know about these drugs that people would stay away from them. But, there seems to be an overriding characteristic among those that abuse drugs. Besides stupidity, these people also seem to think they are invincible. Not only is there a feeling that they can't die, but they also seem to think that their minds will remain intact. They believe they can use drugs and drive. They believe they are stronger than the drugs they abuse which is very naive.
For many of these people, it seems they want to learn things the hard way.