East Brewton eyes ordinance change

Published 9:01 am Thursday, February 13, 2003

By By BILL CRIST – Publisher
With the full council in attendance for Monday's meeting, East Brewton Mayor Terry Clark said the city's current ordinance, which prohibits moving buildings within the city limits, is working.
The ordinance in place now allows for structures less than a year old to be moved into and around within the city limits. The proposed ordinance would require a $2,000 deposit or performance bond, would give owners 120 days to bring the building up to city code and would include all structures, not just homes.
He said that when Fred's built its store in East Brewton, the owner of the home located on the property wanted to move it to another lot he owned in the city.
The ordinance was tabled again so that city attorney Bill Stokes can review it.
Shipp also reported that the Helping Hands Mission store had made several improvements to the condition of its property in order to try and address the council's concern about trash.
According to Shipp, there are now donation boxes located behind the store, the front porch has been cleaned up and the inside of the store has been cleaned.
Councilman Dewayne King suggested that the city needs to look at the speed bumps and try to make them more consistent and to make sure the signs alerting drivers to the bumps are both in place and properly placed. He said there are no signs place on some approaches to the breakers and that other signs are located right at the breakers rather than slightly before them.
In other business the council:

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