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Published 8:56 am Thursday, February 13, 2003

By By LYDIA GRIMES - Features Writer
Last week I told you about the family of Johnson who married into the George family. I think I got the cart before the horse by telling you that before I gave you some background on the George family itself.
Moses Andrew George was born 3 October 1835 in Milligan, Fla. (or Barbour County, Ala.). One source says one place and another says the other. Either way, he was the son of Enoch Ben George (14 Feb 1790 in Brownwood, Texas) and Cynthia Autrey (29 July 1806). Enoch and Cynthia married 5 October 1820 in Texas and sailed to Santa Rosa County, Fla. in 1830. The eventually settled in Milligan, which was then a growing lumber town. Enoch passed away 17 August 1861 and Cynthia on 19 July 1877.
They had at least ten children: Rebecca George (8 Sept 1821), Daniel B. George (14 Mar 1823), Susan M. George (19 Sept 1824), Rachel George (24 June 1829), Enoch George, Jr.(14 Nov 1831), Nancy George (10 Dec 1833), Moses Andrew George (3 Oct 1835), Cynthia Autrey George (18 Jan 1840), Elizabeth Thiersian George (17 Mar 1842) and John W.A. George (13 Aug 1845).
Moses Andrew George was married to Margaret Angaline Hart (18 Dec 1836-5 Jan 1902) on 28 Dec 1853 in Andalusia, Alabama. He bought a piece of land about half way between Andalusia and Florala in Covington County and starting doing a little farming. He also worked as a land surveyor. After the Civil War, Moses was instrumental in starting several churches in the area. He is buried in what is now known as Greenwood Cemetery in Florala. He was a deacon for more than 40 years at the First Baptist Church of Florala and was also a Mason for more than 43 years.
According to the family Bible now in the possession of Kermit George of Florala, the couple had the following children: Elizabeth Florida George (12 Dec 1854), Cynthia Catherine George (15 Dec 1856), Missouri A. George (14 Mar 1859), Thomas Jefferson George (7 June 1862), Moses Andrew George, Jr. (20 Dec 1864), Margaret Angaline George, Jr. (21 Feb 1867), Mandy M. George (1 Mar 1869), Martha Francis George (18 Oct 1871), Nancy Agnes Emogene George (9 May 1874) and Mary Allie George ( 1 Mar 1877).
Around the turn of the century, Moses moved his family from the farm into the little community of Florala. The little town was initially founded by James Edwin Hughes from Dale County, who acquired the land on the banks of McDade's Pond (now known as Lake Jackson), either through a trade of two oxen or in a poker game during the war.
When Moses arrived in 1900, Florala was little more than a crossroads but on 12 Dec 1902, the leaders of the town met at Moses' store and voted to incorporate the town. Moses served as the second mayor and his son, Thomas Jefferson, served as the seventh mayor.
Moses first wife died in 1902 and he married on 26 July 1903, the daughter of his good friend, James C. Johnson, Susan "Pet" Petis Johnson (17 Nov 1874). Although she was some 40 years younger than Moses, the marriage is said to have been a happy one.
They had the following children: Frankie George (10 July 1904), Lena Pearl George (21 May 1906), Albert George (23 Aug 1908), Alva Jean George (23 Aug 1908), and James Carlos George (6 Apr 1911). In addition to his own family, he and his wife also raised two other children who were family members.
Moses died 29 March 1918 and was buried next to his first wife at Greenwood Cemetery and his second wife was buried on the other side of Moses when she died 18 Oct 1962.
Now, as I have said before, there are descendants who live in this area and if you would like to have this material on the George family, let me know.
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