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Published 9:46 am Wednesday, February 26, 2003

By Staff
Continuing with the children of Magilbra Findley
By LYDIA GRIMES – Features Writer
I will continue with the children of Magilbra Findley. Last week I covered the family of the eldest son, William Andrew Findley, and start with the second child, Jack Findley.
John T. "Jack" Findley was born about 1820 in Conecuh County. He appeared on the 1850 census for Conecuh County and in the Covington County census for 1860, 1870 and 1880. He was married to Martha Ellen Raburn (or Rabun) about 1855. She was born about. 1824 in Alabama. Their children were John A. Findley (1857), Ida F.S. Findley (1860-1928) who married Andrew Jay McCreary, James Findley (1862) and George W. Findley (1863).
Martin Findley was born 27 Sept. 1824 in Conecuh County. He appeared on the 1860 and 1870 census for Covington County. He died 2 Aug. 1917 in Johnstonville in Conecuh County and is buried at Findley Cemetery. He served in Co. I, 6th Alabama Cavalry, CSA and he married Mary Elizabeth Kraker about 1846. She was born about 1827 in Alabama and died about 1904. They had James George C. Findley, Ransom Herbert Findley (1851-1942) who married Mary Elizabeth Mason, Susan Elizabeth Findley, William Anderson Findley, Rufus Findley (1857), Wathon O. Findley (1860-1907), Missouri Findley and Mary Elizabeth Findley.
Riley Findley was born about 1829 in Conecuh County. He appeared on the 1860 and 1870 census for Covington County. He was married to Susan Sarah M. about 1852. She was born about 1836 in Alabama. They had the following children; a girl (1853), John Findley (abt. 1855), Richard Riley Findley (abt. 1857), Stephen Findley (abt. 1859), Jesse E. Findley (abt 1862) and Mary Elizabeth Findley (abt. 1864).
Mahaley Celia (or Celia Gillama) Findley was born in 1832 in Conecuh County. She married in 1854 to John A. Franklin (1827-1909), the son of Wilson Franklin and Temperance Straughn. They lived in Covington County and are buried at Fairmount Baptist Church Cemetery in Red Level, Covington County. They were the parents of William Jefferson "Bill" Franklin (1855-1932) who married Lora B. Feaster, Martha Susan Franklin (1858-1918) who married Andrew Jackson Smith, Mary A. Franklin (abt. 1859-1914) who married William H. Hogg, Jackson Magilbry Franklin (1861-1934) who married Sarah Lenora Patterson, Riley Alexander Franklin (1865-1953) who married Sarah Lougenie Yaun and Anna Eliza Franklin (1868-1949) who married William Henry Hassell.
Bluford Findley (18 Jan. 1834-2 June 1931) lived in Covington County. He appeared on the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 census for Covington County. He served in the military in Co. I, 29th Alabama Regiment, CSA. He married Mariah Hixton in 1857 in Monroe County. She was born 1839 and died 1915. She is buried at Fairmount Baptist Church Cemetery in Red Level and they had Allen Findley (abt. 1858), Mary Findley (abt. 1862) and Robert Lee Findley.
Mary Findley (30 June 1835-1871) was married in 1856 to Solomon H. Johnson (1838-1883). They are buried at Fairmount Baptist Church Cemetery in Red Level. They had; Julia Ann. M. Johnson, Nancy Dolly Johnson and Caroline Johnson.
George M. Findley (11 Aug. 1838-4 Sept. 1917) was born in Conecuh County and served in Co. I, 29th Alabama Infantry, CSA. He married in 1858 to Gillianne Steeley (1843-1936). They are buried at Flomaton Cemetery and they had: Abigail Findley (1861-1891) who married Emerson Foote Beasley, Georgia Sophronia Findley (1864), Azzie Lee Findley (1871-1958) who married Tom W. Welch, George Henry Findley (1873-1957) who married Mary Elizabeth Milstead, James Marion Findley (1876-1960) who married Minnie O'Gwynn, William M. Findley (1878-1909) who married Maggie Gilcrest, Eva Findley (1881) who married John Kelly and Hubbert B. Findley (1883-1964) who married Alabama Holt.
Martha Ann Findley (1840-1895) married Nicholas S. Harville about 1859. He served in Co. I, 40th Alabama Regiment, CSA. She is buried at May Creek Cemetery and their children were: Lou Ann Harville (abt. 1861), Comar R. Harville (abt. 1862), Nicholas Harville (abt. 1872) and Katherine Harville (1875-1917) who married Isaac Lester Howell.
Mahala Findley (abt. 1827) married Isaac G. W. Kraker about 1850. They had Martha Kraker (abt. 1851), Caroline Kraker (abt. 1853), William A. Kraker (abt. 1856), Robert R. Kraker (abt. 1858) and George Kraker (abt. 1859).
Next week I will get into the children of William Andrew Findley and Sarah Parker. There are more of their descendants living in the immediate area and they will be more fully covered.
Happy Hunting!

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