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Published 11:34 am Wednesday, March 26, 2003

By Staff
Lisa Thomas an example of doing the right thing
The Brewton area receives a great deal of regional and statewide attention. Whether it's our schools' success on the athletic fields, the funding crisis they face or something as unusual as being nominated to host America's newest reality television show, our community has positioned itself as one that can get things accomplished.
On an individual level, Lisa Thomas has brought more positive recognition to our area with her Needs on Wheels program. The program, which delivers meals and food items to those in need, has been featured on the pages of this and other newspapers, as well as on the ABC television affiliate in Pensacola, WEAR.
After seeing Thomas' story, students at Pace High School held a fundraiser for the program, and ended up presenting her with a check for over $1,264 for her program.
Needs on Wheels is an asset to this community, and as its founder, Thomas deserves this community's thanks and congratulations. Her story is an example of somone identifying a problem in our community, and donating time and resources to help fill that need in a positive way. Her story should serve as an inspiration to each of us that one person can make a difference, and can build a program that benefits countless people from scratch.
In our view, Lisa Thomas exemplifies the characteristics that make our area one of the best communities a family could live in. We encourage others to follow her example when possible, and if not, to support programs like Needs on Wheels for the valuable service they offer here.

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