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Published 12:38 pm Thursday, April 10, 2003

By Staff
Micajah Herrington and family are continued
By LYDIA GRIMES - Features Writer
This will finish the material on the Herrington family that descend from Micajah Herrington. I gave some of the children last week and will take up where I left off.
Grover Cleveland Herrington was a son of Micajah Herrington and Elizabeth Mancil. He married Queenie Breland (6 Feb. 1893) on 30 May 1909 and they had six children, Fred Herrington (1910), Iva Lee Herrington (1913) who married Bill Moore, Martin Herrington (1915), Agnes Herrington (1919), Gertrude Herrington (1923) and Grover Herrington (1928-1938).
Betty Herrington and Orren Cox (21 Jan. 1882-15 April 1971) were married 8 May 1904 and had 11 children, Vernon Cox (1905-1935) who married Georgia Lowery, Preston Cox (1907-1936), Lorena Cox (1909) who married Terrell Butler, W.A. Cox (1911-1935), Lucy Cox (1914) who married R.D. Mead, Clifton Cox (1916), Inez Cox (1918), Monie Cox (1920) who married Buren Williams, Orren Cox (1922), Luther Cox (1925) and Virginia Cox (1931).
Willie Herrington and Dora Stewart (d. 1917 in childbirth) were married 21 Sept. 1916 and had one daughter, Cora Herrington (1917). Willie and Ruby Childree (6 April 1896) were married 17 April 1920 and were the parents of four more children, Ruth and Ruby (twins) Herrington (1922), Jewell Herrington (1923) and Willie Neill Herrington (1926).
Elbert Jackson Herrington and Easter Evans (23 May 1901-1 May 1964) were married 11 Nov. 1917 and had three children, Evelyn Herrington (1919) who married Burns Bracken, Levon Herrington (1921) and Ernestine Herrington (1923).
Benjamin Fred Herrington and Clara Hart (16 March 1898-17 Nov. 1959) were married 4 May 1914 and had seven children. Only three lived to be adults, Lois Herrington (1920), Myrtle Herrington (1922) and B.F. Herrington (1925-1945).
Daisy Herrington and Fred Parker (6 Nov. 1892-16 Nov. 1978) were married 5 Jan. 1916 and had two children, Hankins Parker (1917) and Louise Parker (1921).
Dewey Herrington and Verna Lee Parker (9 Mar. 1903) were married 22 Jan. 1922 and were the parents of three children, Royal Herrington (1925-1926), Bobby June Herrington (1930) and Dewey Doyle Herrington (1937).
Edmond Herrington and Clora Lowery (1 Aug. 1901-28 Dec. 1971) were married 22 Jan. 1922 and had three children, Vivian Herrington (1922) who married John L. Smith, James Herrington (1928) who married Nell Harvey and Willie Dodson Herrington (1933) who married Bobbie Bracken.
All of the children of Micajah Herrington and Elizabeth Mancil were born in the Roberts community and many of the family are buried at Elim Cemetery.
I want to acknowledge the source of some of this material on the Herrington family and let you know that their story was written in the "History of Escambia County." Mrs. Vivian Herrington Smith of Helena, Ala. wrote a really good article that went into the book and she gets the credit for the information.
I have received a nice email from a lady who happened to read the column on the Harold family. She has additional information that I have never heard. It is about the arrival of the Henry Harold family in America. I think you will find it very interesting. It is a little long for this week so be sure and read next week's column where I will reprint the letter in its entirety.
Happy hunting!

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