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Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, April 30, 2003

By Staff
Relay for Life gives chance to fight back
Last week, the annual Relay for Life fund drive officially ended. Local businesses and residents worked hard to raise money which will be sent to the American Cancer Society for cancer research.
Cancer is a disease that has touched us all. We can all stand as witnesses of what cancer can do to victims, families and friends. Many of us probably know somebody right now who is suffering with cancer.
Relay for Life gives communities a unique way to fight back. Perhaps the money raised this year will be the key to finding new methods of treatment and possibly even a cure.
In addition to research funding, the money raised will also be used to help local cancer patients. From money for treatments to transportation, the money is of great resource for those who need it the most.
The success of Relay for Life depends on many people. From the corporate sponsor, Southern Pine, to the individuals who simply open their wallet and make a donation, Relay for Life is truly a community-wide effort. All of those who take time out of their individual lives to help raise money and participate deserve congratulations for a job well done.
In our view, Relay for Life is one of the most important fundraisers in our community each year. By working together we can lend a helping hand to those fighting the disease and perhaps pave a road toward a cure.

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