A few thoughts on motherhood

Published 3:41 pm Wednesday, May 14, 2003

By By BILL CRIST - Publisher
As the story becomes more sordid every day, the easiest topic to cover in this space today would probably be the Mike Price circus. However, a person far wiser than I once said that public discussions about politics and religion should be avoided whenever possible, and given that Alabama football fits into both those categories, I will leave former-coach Price to those who know more about the situation than I do.
Over the past three years, on Mother's Day, in this space, I've shared my thoughts on shopping at home, the upcoming primary election and keeping pets comfortable as the summer approaches. Despite everything my own mother did for me, and that my wife does for our daughter, I'd never really shared my thoughts on motherhood, and the immeasurable sacrifices they make for each of us.
Webster's dictionary defines wisdom as "understanding of what is true, right or lasting" and "common sense; good judgement." It is interesting how we gain wisdom as we age. Much of that wisdom is picked up through our real-life experiences, but a great deal is passed on by our parents, in particular our mothers.
One of lasting lessons my mother left with me was to work hard and stick with it if you want to achieve something, personally and professionally.
In our relationship, my own mother generally played "the good cop" when I found myself in trouble for breaking the rules. As I hit my teen years, and those instances became more frequent, she would show her disappointment or frustration, but was always there to pick me back up and move on as though the indiscretion had never happened.
As I got older, she was a sounding board, my personal banker and someone whose instruction and patience helped me become a better person.
Now, and from a different perspective, I never cease to be amazed at my wife Amy's undying dedication to our daughter. Whether it's staying up late, getting up in the middle of the night, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, she seems to instinctively know how to do things I can't begin to comprehend. Admittedly, some of them are as simple as scrambling eggs, which I'm not sure I could do, but simplicity doesn't lessen the act's importance.
One of the more telling signs about a mother's role and place in our lives, comes from our daughter Georgie. If her mom has gone shopping for the day, Georgie will suddenly realize she's gone, shrug her shoulders and ask, "where's mama?" At times, she gets downright upset if Amy isn't close at hand.
I'm away overnight more than I would like, and Amy dutifully stays at home. And while Georgie always acts very glad to see me upon my return, there are no reports of cute gestures and questions, wondering when I'm going to be home. To me, that says volumes about the role that Amy plays in our young daughter's life.
Most of us don't say thanks enough. That applies in all facets of our life, but particularly so within our own families.
On this day we set aside to honor the women who have helped us all so much, I want to pass along my own thanks and eternal appreciation to my wife Amy, the mother of our daughter Georgiana, and my own mom Peggy.
Happy Mother's Day to you both, and to every other mother out there.
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