Reasons to attend Blueberry Festival

Published 10:21 pm Wednesday, June 18, 2003

By By ROBERT BLANKENSHIP - Managing Editor
This weekend, visitors will travel to Brewton to attend the 23rd annual Alabama Blueberry Festival. This event has come to symbolize the Brewton area and serves as an important marketing and economic tool for the entire community.
We in Brewton are used to hosting this event each year and it is natural for us to underappreciate the hard work and sacrifice that many local volunteers give to make the Blueberry Festival a success. While some people drive hours to get to this event, many of us right here in the immediate area do not attend. But, there are many reasons why we should take time to attend this unique festival.
1. Blueberries - What a great time to stock up on blueberries. The only time I get to eat blueberries is when they come inside a muffin. The Escambia Blueberry Growers Association is always on hand at the festival with fresh blueberries that are perfect treats for the hot days of summer.
2. Blueberry Ice Cream - Speaking of tasting treats perfect for summer, how about the Kiwanis Club's fresh blueberry ice cream. There may be no better reason to attend the Blueberry Festival than for a bowl of cold blueberry ice cream made especially for this event by Dairy Fresh. If a bowl isn't enough, you can always get a pint or two to take home.
3. Music - There is something about live music that makes any event better. It brings a sense of excitement and allows people an opportunity to relax. This year that will be a number of performers including: Brandon Patterson, Misty Joyner, Kathy Morris, Audrey Morris, Jennifer Murphy, New Wine, Lois Crenshaw, C.J. Penton and Dewayne Pendleton.
4. Games - The Blueberry Festival has grown in size over the years and recent additions have been targeting children. There are a lot of fun activities designed for children and adults can get a big kick out of watching the smiles on the young faces.
6. Arts and Crafts - Arts and crafts play a big role at the Blueberry Festival. Just when you thought you had seen everything, there is always new and creative gadgets and devises made from an assortment of materials. Even if you don't buy anything, it is always fun to check out what the more creative people among us are doing.
7. Cloggers - I always love taking a few minutes to relax in the shade and enjoy the cloggers. To watch and listen as the dancers turn their feet into musical instruments is always a lot of fun. This year's cloggers will be The Northend Stompers, the Twin Creek Cloggers and the Heart of Dixie Cloggers.
8. Family and Friends - One of the greatest things about any small-town community event is the gathering of family, friends and neighbors and the Blueberry Festival is no different. Through this event we are able to come together and celebrate our community while creating memories that will last the rest of our lives.
9. Support community efforts - Many people work very hard to make the festival an event in which we can all be proud. From the chamber of commerce to the assortment of civic clubs and groups, the Blueberry Festival proves that good things come to those who work hard. As a community we should support those efforts by attending the event. Watching people as they have fun with their families is all the thanks they will need, even if it's not all they deserve.

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