Being an ACE will have a lasting impression

Published 4:26 am Wednesday, July 9, 2003

By Staff
Several weeks ago, a group of visitors came to Brewton to visit with city, school and business leaders about the Alabama Communities of Excellence program. In short, the ACE program is designed to help Brewton generate economic growth by generating new jobs.
Since the initial meetings, which will be followed up by an action plan for the city to be delivered in a few weeks, not much visible work has gone on to promote the ACE program.
But behind the scenes, city economic leaders are working on several projects that will bring very visible and very measurable results to our city. It is expected that the Chamber of Commerce will play a leading role in implementing the ACE program, and the directors are meeting today to vote on a planning session that will move the program ahead. The plan that will come out of that session is expected to help the chamber chart a course for the future, a path that will allow it to better serve its members, the businesses of Brewton.
In our view, these steps by the chamber directors, are positive ones. They will be an attempt to better serve the members that make up its rolls. The board of directors will not be able to carry out the work alone, though. It will take the commitment and support of the membership to move the project forward.
And any project that helps build the local economy is an important one that should be embraced by the community.

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