City school board approves changes for several projects

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, July 23, 2003

By By BILL CRIST Publisher
Depending on the outcome of a statewide vote on Sept. 9, students in the Brewton City Schools may or may not be in class on Oct. 17.
Amendment One will increase teaching days from 179 to 180. Superintendent Lynn Smith recommended that the board approve setting aside Friday, Oct. 17 as that date, after speaking with the three school principals. The recommendation was approved.
The board also approved three change orders for two projects at T.R. Miller High School and one at the kindergarten.
The first change was the result of confusion on the bid for the fabric that will line the fence around the tennis courts. The board approved purchasing a heavier material, which will increase the cost of the project by $3,769.
The board also approved $500 to repair a patch of cement under the track at Brewton Municipal Stadium. The spot became evident after an inspection of the new track surface turned up problems.
The original bid for the new windows going in at the kindergarten and administration building was based on a drawing of the building that contained four fewer window units than the buildings actually have. The revised price of the project will add $5,160 for the additional four windows.
The board agreed to renew a service contract with Advance Services and Products on three machines, two copiers and one duplicator. The annual contract cost is $3,780.
It also agreed to lease Xerox model 432 copier machines for Brewton Elementary and Middle Schools. The lease expense will be split between the schools and the board, and will cost $311 per month per machine.
The board approved purchasing a similar machine for the administration building for $7,485 with a $46.43 monthly maintenance contract. The reason the board purchased a machine for the administration office is because the usage is much lower than in the schools.
Earth Grains Baking Co. and Dairy Fresh turned in the low bids for bakery and dairy products for the upcoming school year and were awarded the contracts.
The board approved two recommendations to table policy changes until the August meeting. The first relates to a change in graduation requirements for the Alabama Occupational Diploma program, the second to changes in salary schedules in three areas.
Smith gave an update on several ongoing projects and said he believed they would be completed before the students return to school this fall. He also said the schools were working with other groups to organize local meetings to discuss Gov. Riley's tax proposal and the Sept. 9 vote.

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