City employees face insurance premium increase

Published 9:42 am Monday, July 28, 2003

By By BILL CRIST Publisher
Brewton city employees will be facing an increase in health insurance premiums beginning in October. That was the recommendation, which was approved by the Brewton City Council, of the city's insurance committee.
It was announced in May that Blue Cross/Blue Shield was increasing the rates it charges the city for health insurance by 19 percent. At that time, the city's insurance committee recommended that the city pay the difference through the current fiscal year and that it would study the issue and make a recommendation later.
Under the approved proposal, the city will continue to pay for all of an employee's premium, however the cost of family/dependent coverage, which employees are responsible for paying, will increase from $68.50 per pay period to $100 per pay period.
Brewton Police Chief David (Mickey) Lovelace said 22 new warrants had been added in July, and 28 had been served. The department collected $5819.18 in outstanding fines.
Lovelace said there are 708 outstanding warrants and over $309,000 in fines outstanding currently.
Willie Lovelace and Jo Ann Harrison both addressed the council about problems with the sewer lines at 216 Pine St. and drainage in the same area.
Lovelace said that there had been a plumbing emergency and that there had been a curb-to-street pipe replacement. He said he was seeking reimbursement from the city for the work.
Brewton Mayor Ted Jennings said that the council would have to review the situation before they could make a decision.
Harrison said that several pipes at her home had burst following the installation of a new water meter.
Jennings said that although the city had received some complaints, they numbered fewer than 20. He said that since several thousand of the new meters had been installed, the percentage of problems was very low.
Visitors to the Brewton Public Library will soon find a one-way entrance off Jackson St. as well as a fire lane in front of the building.
The council approved the changes in two separate motions after a request from Brooke Walker.
The council also approved re-naming the street that runs from the corner of Belleville Ave. and Tiger Drive into the YMCA Sports Complex baseball fields Tiger Drive. The extension of the name was requested tbe E-911 board.
Yank Lovelace will replace Gilliard Bixler on the FAST (Florida-Alabama Strategic Taskforce) committee that is working on four-laning a route from Navarre to Interstate 65. That appointment was made by Jennings.
Councilman Cary Barton recommended Chip Peach take the place of his father, Jim Peach, on the Escambia County Industrial Development Authority.
In other business the council;

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