Challenges offer thrilling outlook

Published 10:39 am Wednesday, July 30, 2003

By By LISA TINDELL Managing Editor
Here we go…
I have been given a wonderfully thrilling opportunity and I'm what you might call a little on the apprehensive side. This title of managing editor and the attached duties is, to say the least, a little overwhelming.
I'm not new to the newspaper arena. I have worked in advertising, lay-out, and editorial departments in Atmore and now in Brewton. However, the scope of the job before me is somewhat daunting.
The Brewton Standard is this community's newspaper. It is published with the purpose to inform, educate, motivate and, at times, even entertain the people who live, work and shop here.
It will be my duty to see to it that the articles published meet the needs of this area by informing, educating and motivating people to action.
Stories of tragedies, victories, hope and dedication will be given the best care I can muster. In the coming issues it will be my duty to present these stories to you. And, it will be my goal to do so with an objective eye. My opinions should not guide the direction of the story, only the facts should do that.
I am conceding in advance that I will make mistakes. I'll admit sometimes my fingers develop a mind of their own and don't necessarily tap the keys that my mind is intending be tapped. I'll do my best to be mindful of misspelled or misused words. Hopefully, I can be mindful enough of people in the news in such a way that it will make it difficult for me to misidentify a person. All of this, of course, will be a big challenge at times.
In the black-and-white world of newspaper, it is somewhat disturbing for a person in my spot to know that when you put the words out there, they're there for everyone to see.
When you're right, or your opinion is popular, everything is great. However, when you're wrong or if you express a view that goes against the view of the readers, there is no taking it back. All you can do at that point, is apologize when it is necessary.
It is my hope that the majority of the articles, stories and views that are published with my name attached will find themselves in the "great" list. However, being the human that I am, I have no doubt that there will be things that fall into the other category from time to time.
So, here we go… I hope I don't let you down!

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