Getting all the facts helps make the right decisions

Published 12:34 pm Wednesday, August 6, 2003

By Staff
In this space, we have encouraged readers to get all the facts before making a decision on numerous occasions. Most recently, we have done so in regard to the governor's tax reform package, or Amendment One, and the Sept. 9 vote where citizens will have the opportunity to approve or vote down the entire package.
One such opportunity is happening Thursday evening, in Flomaton, at a town hall meeting where Gov. Riley will be on hand to explain the package and then answer questions about it. It's an opportunity that voters in larger towns have had, but we are one of the first smaller counties Riley will have brought his message to. That means that after learning about the plan, voters here will be able to get answers directly from the man who crafted it.
Polls indicate that a majority of people do not understand how the tax package will impact them. Many people, especially in our county, will see taxes go up. But most people, a majority of families in Escambia County and statewide, should carry a lighter tax burden if the plan passes. That's the message that the governor and other backers of the tax package are sharing around the state.
Thursday night is our turn to hear that message. It is not unusual, or unexpected, for voters to be skeptical of any new tax package. Thursday is an opportunity to ask the governor questions about the package, to learn how it will impact us individually and on the statewide level. It's an opportunity to learn about how our state will improve with its passage, andhow we will suffer if it fails.
In our view, voters owe it to themselves to learn all the facts before voting for or against anything. One way to gather information is to listen to speakers and question them about the information they've shared. Thursday is our chance to do just that. The future of our state will be shaped by how we vote on Sept. 9. Don't we owe it to ourselves to make an informed choice?

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