East Brewton Council votes on speed bump

Published 2:14 pm Wednesday, August 13, 2003

By By LISA TINDELL Managing editor
Drivers who use Dailey and Gillis Streets in East Brewton are in for a few extra stops and a bump along their route.
In regular business the East Brewton City Council, Mayor Terry Clark and Council members voted to add four-way stops at two intersections. The new stop signs will be placed at the intersections of Dailey and Cedar Streets and Gillis and Cedar Streets. The Council also voted to install a speed breaker on Dailey Street.
James Meadows, pastor of the East Brewton Church of the Nazarene and Cedar Street resident, approached the Council in July with a request to help stop speeders in the neighborhood. Four-way stops were suggested at that meeting.
Jack McGowin, a resident of Dailey Street also approached the Council in July with a request for a speed breaker on his street to help slow traffic. He came before the Council Monday with a signed petition to show support of residents for the installation of a speed breaker.
East Brewton Mayor Terry Clark thanked Meadows and McGowin for speaking with the Council about their concerns in their neighborhood.
Clark stated that following the last meeting that East Brewton Police used radar on the streets in question and issued tickets to speeders on Dailey and Gillis Streets.
In other business, Ronnie Mullins of Asphalt Specialists in Evergreen, approached the council concerning the paving project that is ongoing along several streets in East Brewton.
Mullins went on to explain that the three streets that had already been paved were in need of more asphalt than was original thought.
Mullins told the Council that he would complete the work on the project with minimal cost to the city.
Mayor Clark told Mullins that while he appreciated this offer, the City's hands were tied financially to spend any additional money on this project.
Mullins said the facts that some spots on the streets needed a little extra asphalt to help correct dips and holes.
The paving will go forward with Asphalt Specialists completing the project within the next week. The two remaining streets to be paved will be Harold Street and Gillis Street.

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