More law enforcement, less asphalt could have been answer

Published 3:06 pm Monday, August 18, 2003

By Staff
To the editor,
Recently you reported that two concerned East Brewton residents (one a respected former East Brewton city councilman; the other a Nazarene Pastor) appealed to their city for help regarding speeders in their neighborhood. Mayor Clark promised an investigation of the facts reported; and the East Brewton's police radar unit subsequently discovered four speeders in two days and wrote them tickets. All of the residents on Dailey Street agreed to having speed bumps installed and Mayor Clark promised speed bumps within the next week.
Currently East Brewton is having several streets repaved for $140,000. Dailey Street was one of the first, and it was very smooth; and except for the few puerile drivers, traffic flows effortlessly and quietly by.
The incident begs several questions:
1. If there are only two speeders per day isn't that a really, really, really good situation?
2. If bumpy streets curb speeding, why did the city of East Brewton borrow $140,000 to pave over the old bumps only to put fresh bumps back on the newly paved streets for additional cost and annoyance to all of it's citizens?
3. Are all city streets controlled by their residents, to modify as they wish, regardless of the opinions of other citizens?
Maybe what the residents of Dailey Street really wanted was a little law enforcement, not a load of asphalt.
David F. Elliott
East Brewton