Gas prices see increase across area

Published 3:32 pm Wednesday, August 20, 2003

By Staff
Increases could continue in coming days
By LISA TINDELL, Managing editor
This seems to be the sentiment of retailers and consumers alike over the past several days.
Gasoline prices at the pump have jumped seven cents this week alone according to Maxwell.
Maxwell stated that the information he has received this week lays the cause of the price increase to a couple of factors.
Maxwell also stated that he has been told by suppliers that because the fuel is being trucked into the Arizona market the costs associated with that action are causing the rise in prices nationwide.
Back in the early 1990s, gas prices skyrocketed. According to records there was a 23 cent overnight increase at the beginning of the first Gulf War.
Area residents are concerned about the increase as well. Several residents have voiced concerns about how quickly the increase is happening.
People who travel out of town for their jobs have been seeing a steady increase.
In many cases that is just what is happening. Gasoline prices increased as much as five cents overnight during the past week. The seven cent per gallon increase was seen during the course of six days, according to Maxwell.
Prices seem to be running within one to two cents of an average price among area retailers.
Area business owners are feeling the crunch from the rise in gasoline prices. According to Maxwell, when people pass the pumps because of the price of gasoline, they also pass by the other products sold in the business.