1165th members injured in attack

Published 4:45 pm Sunday, August 24, 2003

By By LISA TINDELL, Managing editor
Six members of the 1165th unit were injured Tuesday when an Iraqi mortar attack occured on Tuesday. Nine men were on patrol outside Baghdad when two of the three vehicles in the convoy were destroyed in an ambush.
According to Wanda S. Williams of Brewton, her husband, Todd Williams, was in the gunners' position in the second vehicle when the attack occurred.
The two soldiers were treated at military hospitals on Tuesday and released. One other soldier who was burned badly in the attack was treated and released on Wednesday.
According to reports, a mortar round also hit the third vehicle in the convoy. Williams said that the round overturned the vehicle but did not explode.
The identity of the other injured troop members were not released by National Guard officials in Montgomery or the U.S. Army press officers at Central Command headquarters in Tampa, Fla.
Georgia Lanier of Brewton, whose son-in-law and nephew are both serving with the 1165th unit, said the local community has been very supportive of family members of soldiers.
The Unit, which is made up of 177 members from Brewton and Fairhope were shipped to Iraq in May. It is not known when the company will return from Baghdad.