Bonner holds town meeting here

Published 4:43 pm Sunday, August 24, 2003

By Staff
Questions about healt care costs, benefits discussed
By LISA TINDELL, Managing editor
The gathering of residents and officials listened to the opening remarks of Bonner as he made a visit to the Brewton/East Brewton area. The problems facing our country seemed to be a forefront of Bonner's address.
Most of the questions asked by residents surrounded the growing problems with health care and benefits associated with Social Security and Medicare.
According to Bonner, the Medicare does not contribute any money towards the purchase of perscription drugs for those dependent upon the program.
Bonner also said that after 18 months of receiving Social Security benefits, a recipient has withdrawn any money they contributed to the program.
Bonner explained to those gathered that a plan was being studied that would help provide health care benefits for the majority of the country.
On another topic Bonner tackled the top of the current tax structure.
When addressing the issue of the national deficit and the loss of jobs throughout the country, Bonner stated that the tax cuts were necessary or additional jobs could have been lost.
Bonner stated that more than $40 billion went to the state of New York to help build the worst hit area by attacks of terrorism. Other spending connected with 9/11 have caused the deficit to grow.
Bonner said he was happy to meet with members of the communities he serves through town meetings.

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