Full court docket set

Published 4:46 pm Sunday, August 24, 2003

By Staff
Staff report
The Circuit Court of Escambia is set to hear more than 90 cases during the upcoming term beginning September 15.
Those cases scheduled to be heard in Courtroom 1 are:
September 15 – Roger Lindsay, Possession of Child Pornogrophy and Production of Pornography.
September 16 – Larry Wayne Anderson, rape first degree; Miachael Strawbridge, sodomy first degree; Kevin Lowery, driving under the influence (DUI); Robert Montgomery, sexual abuse first degree and attempted sexual abuse first degree; Lloyd Byrd, sexual abuse first degree; Donielle Lambeth, unlawful possession of a forged instrument (UPFI).
Joseph Lambeth, assault second degree; Shane Glen Baker, theft by deception; Jacarie Dailey, burglary third degree; Antonio Richardson, burglary third degree; Justin Byrne, unlawful possession of a controlled substance (UPCS); Samantha Mauldin, UMCS; Gary Heathcock, UMCS; Roy Charles Cagle Jr., UPOM first degree; Scotty Nix, UPOM second degree; Jerry Jerome Johnson, UDCS.
September 18 – Leslie W. Hammac, reckless driving and DUI; Thelma Long, UUCC; Bonny Lee Conner, burglary third degree; Darlene Smith, no insurance and DUI; Labarron Jones, Theft of Property (TOP) first degree; Patricia Quinley, TOP first degree.
Courtroom two cases to be heard are:
September 15 – Martin Wright, attempted murder; Lionel Blackburn, assault second degree; Kenneth Reeves, DUI; John Dees Jr., TOP first degree; Tammy Hazley, UPFI; Larry Lyons, fraudulent leasing.
September 16 – Wrine Wilson, TOP first degree; Kenny Smith, burglary first degree; Roderick Russell, burglary second degree, attempt to committ controlled substance; James William Cobb, DUI; Claudie Culliver, three counts of forgery second degree; Helen Morgan, forgery second degree; Brandon Fore, forgery second degree; Cynthia Fantroy, burglary third degree; Johnnie rhoades, two counts of TOP second degree; Trevin Mitchell, three counts of burglary third degree; Archie L. Jackson Jr., burglary third degree and TOP second degree; King Elijah Enoch, possition of altered firearm and RSP second degree; Glenn Lewis, UPFI; Leah Browder, TOP second degree; Shallist Hudson, RSP second degree; Johnny Lucas, assault second degree; Marily Smith, assault first degree.
September 17 – Lee Patterson, PPC; Paul S. Smith, PPC; Leo Jackson Jr, PPC; Walter Harris, assault second degree; Brian R. Storey, PPC; David Lee Hudson, shotting into an occupied building and robbery first degree; Tawaka Wall Rolin, UPFI; Shane Haskew, two counts of UPFI; Nathan Morris, burglary third degree; Robert E. Lee, RSP second degree; William Johnson, TOP first degree; Robert Thomas Jr., breaking and entering vehicle; Roy Curry, fraudulent leasing; Eugene Quick, criminal trespassing; Patricia Meadows, two counts of forgery second degree; Hubert Thomas Jr., DUI; Lawrence Dandridge, DUI; Ola Haughton, UPCC and UUCC.
September 18 – Henry Bell, UPCS and URCS; David Lee Hudson, UPOM first degree; Antonio Crenshaw, UDCS; Sharon Jackson, UDCS; Wendy Lynn Walls, UPCS; Ronald Northern, UPCS, Jacarrie George, UPCS; James Shavers, UDCS; Reco McNeil, UPOM first degree; Keith McPhearson, UPCS; Diana Wiggins, UPCS; James Nickson, UPOM first degree; Peter Allen, UPCS; Mickey Earl Bradley Jr., UPOM second degree; Marc Jones UPOM first degree; Joseph Lafrance, attempt to commit controlled substance; Anthony Gee, TOP first degree and UPCS.

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