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Published 5:05 pm Wednesday, August 27, 2003

By Staff
With all of the issues facing people these days, information is needed on everything from the proper insect repellent to use or how much we're going to pay in taxes.
Several agencies are standing up to the challenge in offering information to the public at a time when it is needed most.
The Escambia County School Board, the Alabama Department of Education and other agencies have released information regarding the upcoming Amendment One vote. Groups have held meetings, debates and hearings on how the passing or not-passing of Amendment One will affect the public.
This information should help to make a decision on the best way to cast a ballot on voting day. Whether a person votes yes or no on the Amendment will be a result of the information they have received.
Information is very important when deciding on such an important issue.
The Escambia County Health Department has been excellent in providing information on the best way to eliminate, or at least decrease, the reproduction of mosquitoes. The information they have given us in this area has also let us know that there are products available through the Department to help the public work toward the end of the mosquitoes. They have also given information on how to prevent mosquito bites and what symptoms to look for in what could be a potentially bad situation.
Information has been given by the Department on cases reported in our area so that we can be aware of the situations in our neighborhood.
We have praised them before and will praise them again.
We challenge the people of our community to step up and ask for information when it is not readily given. If there are concerns about a particular subject, chances are there is an agency who has the information to dispel those concerns.
Knowlege is gained through information. Knowledge is power.

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