Opinions mixed on Amendment

Published 6:53 pm Monday, September 8, 2003

By Staff
Voters head to polls on Tuesday
On Tuesday, voters across the state will head to the polls and vote on what could be Alabama's largest tax increase in history. Both sides of the issue have filled the airwaves, E-mail inboxes and mailboxes with messages that have left many people confused.
One thing about the package is clear, though, once people have decided which way they plan to vote, they tend to be passionate about it.
Waldrep, and nearly every published poll has indicated that most Alabamians agree with him, says that simple economics show that the tax increase will be passed along to consumers through higher prices.
However, supporters of the plan point to the need for increased funding for vital services such as education and health care.
Raulerson cited statistics showing how health insurance coverage, particularly among children, has increased over the past 23 years.
Raulerson said that Escambia County's infant mortality rate is the lowest now that it has ever been. She worries that healthcare programs will go unfunded in the coming year.
Gary Palmer, president of the Alabama Policy Institute, says that he would be in favor of higher taxes, but only with greater accountability.
He said that although the package does contain several measures, they do not fix what he feels is the real issue.
Gay Drew of Atmore says she generally believes the facts coming from the pro-package side, but that she is also voting the way her heart tells her.

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