Thoughts turn to the future of Georgia Tech

Published 7:05 pm Monday, September 8, 2003

By Staff
I love Georgia Tech.
I mean it, I love Georgia Tech. I love Tech today, I'll love Tech tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, and the next 10, and the next however many I'm lucky enough to be here. I just love Georgia Tech – it's about as basic to me as caring about BTO, Elvis, or a good Nu-Way hot dog. I'm crazy about Tech, always have been, and always will be.
Hasn't been as hard to say that as "some" out there might think. Of course, the "some" I refer to are Georgia fans who got a huge kick out of last year's win over Tech. The one-sided deal, you know, the 51-7 game over in Athens this past year. I've heard about that game over and over, gotten teased about it, and have had it thrown up to me as a sterling example of the superiority of the school over Tech. Frankly, there's only one thing that can be said in response to that – WRONG! In fact, the "some" are dead wrong.
Let's face it, who won last year's game means about as much today as does Grover Cleveland's 1885 inaugural speech – absolutely nothing. It's old history, not quite as old as Professor Jan Kemp, but still pretty old. Most of us have moved on, and are busily facing today's challenges. Besides, who won last year's game is about as important as the fact that Tech has won three out of the last five. So, for all concerned, let's put the game into the proper perspective, and just leave it there. Sides, from what I've been reading, it seems to me that the "some" ought to be a tad more concerned about the following:
1. Dealing with the fall-out from having to pitch an Al Capone coach-alike out of the basketball program, especially when the powers that be knew that he was damaged goods before they hired him.
2. Dealing with the impending heave-ho of a legendary coach out of the Athletic Director's slot. By all accounts, Vince Dooley is doing an admirable job as Athletic Director, and, on top of that, is perhaps the most legendary football coach ever in the state of Georgia. One that I even think most Tech fans have a grudging respect for. Curley was accorded more respect within The Three Stooges than Vince Dooley is being shown these days.
3. Taking what we just discussed in #2 and expanding it further, what happens if the new athletic director at UGA turns out to be someone that Coach Richt doesn't like or can't get along with? It could happen, you know. And, just to ante up things a wee bit further, Coach Bowden at Florida State could be retiring any day now. Wonder who FSU might decide to heavily recruit for their newly opened head coaching position if he decides to do that? And, the bad thing is, FSU has deep pockets enough to go after and get anyone they want. Would anyone like to say "Ray Goff – Jim Donnan" real quickly three times in a row ?
4. That eBay doesn't decide to more heavily get into and promote sports memorabilia.
All that being said, we now have to turn our thoughts to the future, and the future for Georgia Tech. Admittedly, this is going to be a rebuilding year. There are some stern tests ahead, and who knows what the outcomes will be. But, I will tell y'all this – I'm hollering for my boys, and I'm pulling for my team, and I'll feel a big lump in my throat when Buzz and the Wramblin

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