Strong United Fund equals strong community

Published 8:29 pm Monday, September 29, 2003

By Staff
This Wednesday, the United Fund will officially kick off its fundraising drive for 2004. This year's goal is to raise $90,000, nearly every penney of which will go straight back into the community.
The United Fund is a clearing house, of sorts, allowing individuals and businesses to contribute to a single entity, and know that the donation will actually help several groups. In the local fund's case, there are 15 agencies, serving thousands of people, who will share in the money that's raised here.
Over the past two years, giving to the United Fund has nearly doubled. At one time it appeared the community was mired in the $55,000 range as a ceiling. Brewton's campaign has raised over $70,000 and $90,000 the past two years, and the figure is expected to grow this year.
That is due in small part to a restructuring of the board of directors. To a larger extent, it is due to a community that gives when it is asked to. Our area is made up of many people who have the foresight, resources and willingness to help make Brewton a better place for everyone. The donors, both individual and business, are the reason the local effort has succeeded recently, and the reason it will do so in the future.
This year's campaign might be more critical than the past several have been, though. The state's budget includes deep cuts in many programs that provide critical social services. The state may decide it cannot provide those services, but that does not mean that they will go away. Instead, those services will be filled by the private sector, some by churches and others by secular groups. Those services cost money to provide, though, and those groups will be looking to the United Fund to help raise that money.
The United Fund is Brewton's opportunity to support the service agencies in this community during a single, six-week campaign. One donation will help 15 agencies, and in turn, thousands of individuals. Make that one donation, your donation.
In our view, the United Fund is an asset for our community. It reflects the caring and generous nature of those who live here. It is one of the strengths that make Brewton the unique town it is.

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