Busy weekends are a good sign for the area

Published 9:13 pm Wednesday, October 8, 2003

By Staff
While many communities lament that residents are leaving town to find entertainment, that has not been the case in Brewton and East Brewton recently.
Barely a Friday night has passed when one of our two high school football teams hasn't hit the home field. And with 11 wins between them, both have been playing with some success.
Last weekend, the circus was in town, drawing a full house to each of its three performances. Children had the opportunity to ride ponies and even an elephant.
This coming weekend's calendar is full as well, with both T.R. Miller and W.S. Neal holding homecoming festivities followed on Saturday by the youth fishing rodeo and an open house at the Brewton Fire Dept.
When residents stay in Brewton and East Brewton, they tend to have a positive impact on the local economies. Rather than going to Pensacola, Mobile or Montgomery to shop, they stay here, visiting local merchants and restaurants. Keeping those funds in town is critical to continued economic growth.
Brewton Mayor Ted Jennings likes to use a simple example to illustrate what a slight increase in consumer spending here would mean to the city and schools. He says that if residents would commit to spending just 10 percent more in-town than they did last year, the tax base would grow by $300,000, meaning our schools would receive an additional $100,000.
Events like the circus, homecoming and football games not only serve to keep folks in town, they also draw visitors from outside our area, who spend money in Brewton. Yet again, the local tax base grows.
In our view, it's important for Brewton and East Brewton to continue to host entertaining public events. It is not realistic to think its something we can do every week of the year, but it is important for us to fill as many spots on the calendar as we can.

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