Funds to fight domestic abuse are welcome

Published 9:47 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2003

By Staff
Word that the state has come through with $126,045 in grant funding to help combat domestic violence in Escambia County is welcome. And the timing for the announcement last week was perfect, as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month here and across the country.
No amount of awareness would be too great in helping to combat the scourge of domestic violence. The problem is greater than many of us realize, even right here in Escambia County. The Escambia County Violent Crime Unit (ECVCU) handles somewhere between 350 and 400 domestic violence calls a year, meaning that there is an incident of domestic violence here practically every day. So unfortunately, we're doing our small part to add to the shamefully large pool of such cases across the country.
Much of the work the ECVCU does involves bringing the situations in which domestic violence flourishes to an end. By pressing criminal charges against those who perpetrate violent acts, and helping the victims get out of situations they were previously trapped in, the unit does immeasurable good. Such work provides hope for women who previously felt there was no where to turn.
The grant money coming here will go toward training and equipment the unit needs, which will translate into more effective work toward combatting the problem of domestic violence in Escambia County. And it's the same amount of money the unit has received in the past, so that the unit isn't facing the cutbacks many government-funded entities are.
Frankly, the unit couldn't handle being cut. Given the size of the problem it's charged with tackling, it's remarkably small as it is. In a time when cuts are coming everywhere, the state has shown sound judgement in coming through in this area of crucial need.

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