More on the Fuquas

Published 9:39 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2003

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
Before I get started with the Fuqua family I want to tell you about a workshop happening at the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery on Saturday, Nov. 1.
The program, "Preserving Alabama's Cemeteries," will have speakers to inform the public about cemetery laws and regulations and the plan to preserve old cemeteries. Considering the fact that some people think cemeteries are places to vandalize, all of us should be aware and stay vigilant to protect them.
If you would like to attend the workshop, the deadline for registering is Oct. 24 and the cost is $25 with lunch or $20 without lunch. Make your check payable to MGS or ACPA and send to Cemetery Workshop, P.O. Box 23194, Montgomery, Ala. 36123-0194.
Now we will get back to the Fuqua family.
Absalom Fuqua and his wife, Tabitha, were the parents of 13 children. They were probably married after the Fuqua family moved to the Alabama/Florida area. They were listed in the 1830 census with no children so it is probably safe to think that they were newly-weds. Their children included William Wesley Fuqua (1832), who settled near Andalusia, John Fuqua (1835), James Fuqua (1835), Henry Moton Fuqua, Nancy Fuqua (1836), Elizabeth Fuqua (1836), Sarah Minerva Fuqua who married George Nieser, George Fuqua, Wealthy Fuqua, Mary Pollyanna Fuqua who married William Barneycastle and lived in Santa Rosa County, Fla., Samuel Fuqua and Reuben Fuqua.
William Wesley Fuqua (1832) married Nancy Caroline Archilus, daughter of Charles and Mary Barrow Archilus. Their children were; Martha Ann Fuqua who married Henry Joseph Barnes, Edward Fuqua, John Fuqua who married Mary Evelyn Wishum, Mary Fuqua who married Daniel Rabren, James A. Fuqua who married Ella Jones and Elizabeth D. Fuqua who married Edward Smith.
John Fuqua (1835) and his first wife Esther had Jackson Fuqua, William Fuqua, Isaac H. Fuqua who married Missouri Kennedy, Nancy Fuqua who married William D. Parker, John Moton Fuqua who married Florence Foster, and Rebecca Fuqua.
John Fuqua and his second wife Roxie Susan King had John T. Fuqua who married Bamma Foster and Joe Fuqua who married Lela.
James Fuqua (1835-1917) married Elizabeth "Babe" Haveard (1845-1919) and they had 13 children; Sabra Alabama Fuqua (1871-1947) who married first Alexander Tew and second John William Sellers, James L. Fuqua (1873) who married Laura Dixon, Thomas Charles Fuqua (1873-1949) who married first Catherine Hally Palmer and second Bell Caviness, Joseph Fuqua (1875) who married Christine Yon, John William Fuqua (1877-1951) who married Ella Lou Rouse, Andrew Fuqua (1877-1951) who married Nancy Elizabeth Howell, Henry Fuqua (1880) who married Julia Fuqua (daughter of Reuben Fuqua and Lottie Cincinatti Adkinson), Doctor Judge Fuqua (1882-1964) who married Mellie Fuqua, Florida F. Fuqua who married Curtis Howard, Nancy Ida Fuqua who married William Charles Walther, Albert Fuqua (1889), Edd Bruton Fuqua (1890-1935) who married first Mary Hettie Vernon and second Emmie Lou Morris and Sam Fuqua (1893).
I will stop here for this week. I will get to the other children next week.
Happy hunting.