More on the Fuqua family this week

Published 10:13 pm Wednesday, October 22, 2003

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
I will finish with the Fuqua family this week.
I covered the children of William Wesley Fuqua, John Fuqua and James Fuqua. I did discover that Curtis Thomason, who writes a genealogical column for the Andalusia Star-News, is a descendant of William Wesley Fuqua.
This is what I have on the other children of Absolem and Tabitha Fuqua: Reuben Fuqua married Lottie Cincinnati Adkinson. Their children were Mary Fuqua (1872) who married Joseph Clements, Celia Fuqua (1877-1947) who married Augustus Barnhill, Joseph Fuqua (1879-1939) who married Ella Morris, Julia Fuqua (1881) who married Henry Fuqua, son of James Fuqua and Elizabeth Haveard, Lawence Benjamin Fuqua (1883-1971) who married Sarah Emily Johnson, Dennis Fuqua (1884), Kenneth G. Fuqua (1885-1952) who married Martha Katherine Bush, Reuben A. Fuqua (1887-1928) who married Lena Agnes Morris, Obby Fuqua (1890-1935), Walter L. Fuqua (1891-1969) who married Emma M. Morris and Nellie Fuqua (1892-1937) who married Doctor Judge Fuqua, son of James Fuqua and Elizabeth Haveard.
Henry Moton Fuqua and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth King (1845-1913) had several children: John Wesley Fuqua (1870-1953), Mourisa Fuqua, Margarita Fuqua, Harrison Fuqua, John Lee Fuqua, James William Fuqua (1879) who married Ella Frasher, Mary Fuqua (1883), Charles Fuqua (1885), Sarah Ann Fuqua (1885), who married Tupp Rushing Thomas and Henry Newton Fuqua (1887) whose wife was named Julia. There may have been other children.
Several notes that I have say that Tabitha Fuqua's maiden name was either Barr or Barrow. Barbara Martin, who has done a lot of research in this area, believes it to be Barrow. I don't really know for sure but I will say this: I have some material that I have researched over the years on the Ard family, both those in Dale County and the one, George Ard, who settled in the Jay, Fla. area. The Ard family had a long tradition of using the name of Reuben and it just so happens that George Ard married Abigail Barrow.
Could it be that she could have been a sister to Tabitha who married Absolem Fuqua? Maybe that is where the Fuquas got the name for one of their sons, Reuben, or maybe it was through the Barrow line. Just a thought, but I have found things with less clues. It would certainly be a place to search.
There is an entry in the Heritage book on the Barrow family but it is about a James F. Barrow (1845) whose father was supposed to have been Hillard Barrow who may have been related to either John Barrow, Absolem Barrow or James Barrow. These three were brothers and it is believed that they were sons of Reuben Barrow of Georgia. Maybe that is another clue as to the parentage of Tabitha Fuqua. Although there is strong evidence that she was a Barrow there hasn't been any definite proof.
Sometimes you never find proof of the parentage of people and you have to use circumstantial evidence. It is not the best way but when you have several things pointing in a particular way, you go with it until you can prove otherwise.
I have come to the stopping point on several of my lines. I have ideas of where they came from and, in some cases, who their parents were. Some years ago, I was doing research and believed that my Peacock ancestor had married Jemima Pearson.
There was a record of a marriage that according to the Quakers was "out of unity." It is only in the last few years that it has been proven that she was indeed Jemima Pearson and her first son was named Pearson Peacock. Sometimes it takes a while.
Happy Hunting!

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